Apple’s Complaints against Kodak to be examined by ITC

It appears that the patent dispute between Apple and Eastman Kodak over alleged patent infringements, a complaint Apple filed with the US International Trade Commission back in mid April will be looked at by the ITC reports an article over on Reuters.

The Apple complaint refers to Kodak allegedly infringing on Apple two patents to manufacture some of their Kodak Z series of cameras, the Kodak C series, and Kodak M series, along with the Kodak PLAYSPORT and SLICE and others.

Apparently Apple is asking the usual in these cases and that is the devices be banned from importation in the US. Having said that, lately there have been quite a few calls for devices to be banned from the US, Nokia wanting Apple gear banned and visa versa, the same with HTC over the iPhone, iPad and iPod, and so far I haven’t heard of any being banned.

Perhaps it takes a great deal of time to sort this kind of thing out, but just think what would happen if the ITC actually found in favour of every complainant and banned all that gear, what would the likes of Apple, Kodak, Nokia and RIM do then?

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