iPhone Physical Touchscreen Knob Video?

Okay maybe it’s me but do you remember back when we posted about the iPhone sausage stylus? You can refresh you memory (here), well I though that the iPhone sausage stylus was taking things a bit far and fairly ridiculous to say the least.

However apparently you iPhone users no longer need the iPhone sausage as there is a new iPhone stylus, the iPhone Physical Touchscreen Knob, which to be looks just as pointless as the iPhone sausage.

We have a video demonstration of the iPhone Knob in action courtesy of the guys over at Gizmodo by way of dslabs which lasts just 16 seconds but shows just how pointless this is. I mean a touchscreen is designed to be touched by the fingers no?

So hit up the video below, check out the iPhone Knob, see what you think, and then drop us a comment on whether you feel it is a useful device or not and if you’d purchase it for your own iPhone…enjoy.

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