Nokia and Sony concerned over deaths at Foxconn

Sadly we have all been made aware of the number of deaths recently at Foxconn the Smartphone chip maker manufacturer.

We reported only a few days ago that there had been two suicides in just four days which you can catch up on here if you missed it, and then again today there has been another death at Foxconn which we reported on earlier here.

Both Sony and Nokia have now openly expressed their concern over the worker deaths at Foxconn amid those claims that the workers have struggled with excessive work loads which in turn are causing worrying levels of stress in the employees.

In a press release Sony said that in response to recent reports they have begun taking steps to re evaluate the working environment at Foxconn. We are concerned and take this very seriously. A Nokia spokesperson confirmed that given the concerning reports regarding Foxconn we are in continuous contact with Foxconn to ensure any issues are identified and addressed as soon as possible.

Sony and Nokia are the latest to join the line of Foxconn’s concerned customers including Apple as the iPhone is put together in Foxconn’s Chinese factories making it a major supplier in the mobile phone world.


3 thoughts on “Nokia and Sony concerned over deaths at Foxconn”

  1. Accumetrics says:

    WOW!!!!! You finally stopped calling this plant that manufactures the iphone. I can't beleive it. Even though it is true that this plant manufactures the iphone, from reading all of your previous articles you mis-lead readers to believe that the Apple was the sole user at Foxconn. At least in your salatious headlines anyway. Of course you breiftly mention Dell and Samsung, but your main focus was on Apple.
    I am shocked that you actually mention 2 of the other huge companies that Foxconn also makes products for.
    You should do us all a favor and stop being biased when you have something to say. If you are stating your opinion your sentence should start out by saying, "IN MY/OUR OPINION…."

    1. elecpencil says:

      They make products for other companies and for Apple. Are you one of Apple's consumer sheep so you are defending them? Do you think Jobs cares for one second about conditions at sweatshops that supply him? Only time he cares is when the media is giving him a black eye. Keep buying Apples products that are soaked in Third World blood and don't ask, "What would Jesus buy?"

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