Can iPhone 4G Smash HTC EVO 4G Popularity When Launched?

The iPhone, that iconic Apple device that has captured so many followers since 2007 is due a new version tomorrow as it is widely expected that Steve Jobs will unveil the next generation iPhone during his keynote at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco.

Popular rumour has it that Mr Jobs will announce the new device and then also release the iPhone 4G on the same day, although there are other rumours that the next generation smartphone won’t see release until later.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been running a poll on the popularity of the iPhone 4G against the just released HTC EVO 4G and the previously released HTC Droid Incredible, and those of you who are regular readers will know that at first the iPhone 4G held the top position.

But the HTC EVO 4G rapidly overtook and slaughtered the iPhone 4G in the popularity stakes as shown in our updates, and to date the HTC EVO 4G has garnered a whopping 1642 votes compared to the iPhone 4G grabbing 444 votes of the total 2467 votes cast, check it out (here)

Well I’ve seen predictions based on less poll votes that that, and it looks like the HTC EVO 4G is considerably more popular that the upcoming iPhone 4G. But as previously stated with the expected launch of the iPhone 4G tomorrow, will the poll findings change?

Can the launch of the iPhone 4G snatch back that popularity from the HTC EVO 4G, or is the EVO 4G just so much more than the next generation iPhone that the tide of the iPhone’s rise to fame has come to an end? Has the HTC EVO 4G managed to do what so many before have failed to do and take the king of smartphones crown from Apple’s pride and joy?


4 thoughts on “Can iPhone 4G Smash HTC EVO 4G Popularity When Launched?”

  1. Joe says:

    I've been using the EVO 4g for 2 weeks. I own 2nd gen and 3rd gen Ipod touch devices (for daughter and iphone app development). My prior phone was the Moto droid. I always carry my phone in my pocket I hate to be bubbly, but the EVO is a game changing device. When I saw the specs I was sure the phone was too big to carry, but after carrying it for 2 weeks in my pocket it doesn't feel big at all in your pocket. I think that's because it's pretty thin for it's size and the phone is basically all screen. It's not much bigger than the droid and is thinner. If you use the device for 15 minutes you'll quickly love the awesome large hi-res 4.3 inch screen, the blazing fast performance, the great download speed (even on 3G). Browsing the web on this device is ACTUALLY USABLE!! On prior devices I would only access the web when I had to – on the EVO the large screen and extra resolution make looking at even the most complex web pages bearable. Also fantastic the way Android browser snaps broad text columns into readable columns unlike the iphone. The hotspot is fantastic – easy to setup and great download speed for your laptop. It feels more like a DSL experience than a aircard experience – even though I only have 3G coverage in the SF bay area. Voice input effortlessly allows entry of complex text without typing. Touch keyboard is fantastic – huge improvement over iphone and prior Android keyboards (keyboard size and can press-hold buttons to get shift functionality without going to separate screen. Initially I didn't like the Sense interface, but now the default Android interface looks dull to me and though it took a few days to get used to the functionality, I really like it now. The biggest shock is my 15 year old daughter – the one who couldn't be seen with anything but an Apple device. She used it for 15 minutes and now SHE wants one. I warn you – if you don't want to switch phones and port your number to Sprint – DO NOT PICK UP THIS DEVICE AND USE IT. Once you've experienced EVO your Iphone will feel like a toy with a screen that's WAY TOO SMALL. EVO is a game changer!!

  2. Jay Kunstman says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. I have had my Evo for three weeks now and I decided to play with my wife's iPod touch. After 1 minute, I knew there was absolutely no way I could go back to a screen that small. It was painful. This feature alone would prevent me from getting an iPhone no matter what features it offered.

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