iPhone 4G Release at WWDC 2010: If Not What Then?

For quite some time now the much anticipated next generation iPhone, which is popularly referred to as the iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS, and iPhone HD amongst others, has been rumoured to be announced during Steve Job’s keynote at WWDC 2010.

There are also rumours that Jobs will also reveal that the next generation iPhone will become available the same day, but other rumour says otherwise and say the iPhone 4G will see release later on, but all this is simply speculation as Apple play things very close to their chests as it were.

Now the thing is, much of the new iPhone 4G has already been leaked to the internet via the Gizmodo iPhone prototype posts, which is still under investigation by authorities.

So what if Apple takes the stance that until the investigation is over they will hold off announcing and releasing the next generation iPhone, or even it being so close to the release of the HTC EVO 4G, which looks to be a rival to the iPhone 4G that could possibly snatch most of the glory for the upcoming iPhone, and thus as a result no iPhone 4G announcement is made at WWDC 2010.

Would you be disappointed if Apple didn’t unveil the next generation iPhone? Would such a move by Apple make you think about going for one of the other newly released smartphones that are now available, or would you be quite happy to wait?

Although there is much hype about the iPhone 4G it doesn’t mean it will actually appear at WWDC 2010, I mean back when Apple unveiled the iPad it was heavily rumoured they would also unveil the Verizon iPhone and we all know that didn’t happen, and as we all know, Apple can be unpredictable at times.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Release at WWDC 2010: If Not What Then?”

  1. nathan brown says:

    we all want the iPhone next gen out asap! im due an upgrade and have already been waiting about half a month because I don't want the 3gs for another 18 months!  please hurry apple everyone will want iphone not htc! 😉

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