No Reception Issues with iPhone 4 Says Jobs

Well now for anyone who owns a new iPhone 4 and is experiencing the ‘reception issue’ cause by the way one holds the device, it appears that these reception issues much simply be a figment of your imagination, well that’s what Apple chief Steve Jobs must be thinking.

Why? Well according to an article by Rosa Golijan of Gizmodo, one of their readers took it upon himself to send an email to Mr. Jobs, which said that the iPhone 4 is the most amazing phone, with the exception of the reception issues.

Apparently a friend of the email sender also had reception problems and contacted AppleCare who sent him a free Bumper case, so the emailer also contacted AppleCare and they responded that no one is getting free Bumpers, yet the guy had already seen the email conformation that he was receiving a free one.

Anyway, that aside, apparently Steve Jobs replied to the email in his usual short manner with, “There is no reception issue. Stay tuned.”

Of course Jobs reply contradicts an earlier statement from Apple which confirmed there are issues due to the way users are holding their iPhone 4. So it appears that Mr. Jobs is under the impression all the complaints are simply imaginary on the users part.

One can only presume that the “Stay tuned” part of the email is in reference to the supposed iOS 4 update which is due tomorrow or one day next week…guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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