iOS 4.1 Update Will Stop iPhone 4 Jailbreak?

It’s no real secret that Apple doesn’t like people jailbreaking their devices especially the newest of them, the iPhone 4. Well apparently Apple isn’t going to take jailbreaking the iPhone 4 lying down and is apparently delaying the release of iOS 4.1 so it can be used to patch the hole used in the Jailbreak hack.

According to an article over on Slashgear by Chris Davies, 2 Apple store employees at Lakeside UK have contacted Redmond Pie and confirmed that the release of iOS 4.1 update will be towards the end of Apples “next few weeks”.

Apparently a couple of tweets confirmed that iOS 4.1 is delayed due to Apple “doing a fix” to halt the jailbreak…MaxdMerc on Twitter…“Guy in Apple Lakeside seems 2 think 4.0.1 is delayed as they r doing a fix 2 stop jailbreak that they have found. Dunno if true?”

Sportycos on Twitter…“@TaimurAsad @chpwn I can confirm this in a way. That store is near where I live. A friend of mine works there and told me the same.”

So it does look like Apple is holding off iOS 4.1 update so they can use it to stop the iPhone 4 jailbreak, but then again it would only be a matter of time before the likes of the iPhone Dev Team cracked iOS 4.1 as well.

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