Facebook Places Is Not Working Yet, Privacy Row and Problems

Facebook Places is not working for us just yet, we went into the App Store and installed the FB update and we are still getting not available for our region yet, to tell you truth we are not at all bothered about using it but would be nice to know why we have not got it.

Seems like Facebook Places is causing rows anyway with privacy concerns, V3 has reported a little about this issue and they report that Facebook has now issued a video, which explains how you can stop being checked in on the new Places tool.

Facebook seems to be the brunt of all moans and groans at the moment since they announced its new service and so much so civil liberty groups are getting involved, the video (Watch Here) explains in detail how the service can be customised and how you can remove yourself altogether if you wish to.

Foursquare is not happy at all about Facebook Places, they say that FB’s new service is boring and unimaginative according to DB Techno, obviously Foursquare will throw bad words at Facebook because they could effectively put him out of business.

Whilst we are on the subject of Facebook we have noticed that since the iOS 4.0.2 update we have had nothing but trouble opening FB on out iPhone 4, if you click on the Facebook icon on the main homescreen on the iPhone 4 it will load and work smoothly, but if you double-click the menu button and click the Facebook icon in the multitask section Facebook does not work properly.

We click on profile and it shows the home page, go onto chat and it shows no online friends, but log out and delete FB from multitask section then open from the homescreen it works fine. If you are having the same problems please let us know, as this is quite annoying.

Anyway if Facebook Places is working for you please let us know what you think of the service.

UPDATE: Just got a new Facebook update in the App Store, it says that Facebook Places is only available in the US only for now.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Places Is Not Working Yet, Privacy Row and Problems”

  1. Facebook users should be aware of their 'default' privacy settings AND when new settings are added, as was the case last week with the 'Places I check in to' setting under Things I Share. It's with this in mind that I have developed an app for iPhone which allows users to make sense of and taken control of the Facebook privacy settings. Sorry for the shameless plug on your blog, but I think that's it's relevant to the issue at hand.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Facebook is not working yet again!
    People, apparently around the world are recieveing a page saying "service unavaliable" ,or something like that etc. I suspect that the service is temporarily unavailiable due to the site being updated again, or checked. But it would be nice to know when our popular site will be back! And why the site is not acsessable.
    If anyone knows anymore, please keep us updated!

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