What Are Your Hopes For the Apple Launch Event Tomorrow?

Well folks tomorrow we move into September, and the highlight of the 1st of September is of course the Apple launch event where numerous Apple goodies are expected to be unveiled, but what do you expect Apple to announce?

According to an article over on Electric Pig by James Holland, the rumours are that Apple will speak on a new iPod Touch, new Apple TV, and a new iPod nano. However there has also been rumour that there may be a chance of Apple unveiling the Verizon iPhone however unlikely that may be.

But what do you the readers really want Apple guru Steve Jobs to announce during the event/? Maybe you’d much prefer to hear that the white iPhone 4 is now ready for release and that Jobs gives a definite release date or perhaps Jobs will announce a permanent fix for the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

Perhaps you are hoping for the much wanted Verizon iPhone announcement, or maybe the iOS 4.1 update schedule, or perhaps you are hoping for entirely something different from Apple. Whatever your hopes for the Apple launch event we’d love to hear from you by dropping us a comment on your thought.


3 thoughts on “What Are Your Hopes For the Apple Launch Event Tomorrow?”

  1. Thomas says:

    I am really hoping for an iPod touch that looks very similar to the iPhone 4. If they don’t add in the two cameras, mic, and retina display I might not buy it, it wouldn’t be worth upgrading. The iPod nano looks pretty interesting, it will be cool to see how that comes out.

  2. roman says:

    I'm praying and hoping Apple comes out with the Verizon iPhone. It's about damn time. Verizon deserves it because its a much better service provider than that ATT!!!!!

  3. David says:

    I would like my iphone 4 o be able to send text messages without failing, stop dropping out mid call and basically do what most phones do really well. The things it does beautifully are all non-phone related.

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