Will Apple Announce Redesigned, Verizon, White, iPhone 4 Today?

Well today’s the day folks, the big day when Apple announces new things at their launch event, which has been said will bring news on Apple TV, the iPod Touch and iPod nano along with iTunes and whatnot.

However, there are rumours flying around that there is a possibility that Apple has redesigned the iPhone 4 to take care of the antenna issue, and that the new redesigned iPhone 4 will see launch after the end of this month once Apple free bumper case deal ends.

The other rumour is that Apple has delayed the white iPhone 4 to keep the device aside for Verizon so they can launch a CDMA white Verizon iPhone 4 complete with antenna issue resolved. Of course if Apple has fixed the problems with the white iPhone 4 and the antenna we may even hear an announcement of the release of the white version later today.

No doubt most of the gear at this Apple event will revolve around the music and entertainment arena, but who knows, maybe Apple will hit on the white iPhone 4, the antenna issue, and even the Verizon iPhone, here’s hoping anyway.

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