Everything Everywhere To Chop 1200 Jobs

The merger between mobile operators Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, Everything Everywhere is planning on culling a batch of 1200 jobs due to the merger and the job cuts will be country wide, which seems to me not to be a very good start for T-mobile and Orange employees.

According to an article over on the BBC, the UK wide job losses will represent some 7.5 percent of Everything Everywhere’s 16,000 employee workforce, and apparently the job losses will come from headquarters, management and back office.

T-Mobile and Orange merged into Everything Everywhere earlier this year and now have some 30 million customers, and at the time analysts did warn that the merger could mean staff overlap and therefore mean staff reduction.

The main offices of Everything Everywhere are in London, Hatfield, Bristol and Hertfordshire, and the group has said that no cuts will be made to store staff or customer service.

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