Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date Revealed But Not Price

It seems to me that whatever Apple does then other smartphone makers follow in Apple’s footsteps. Apple released the iPad and thus several smartphone makers are now releasing their own brand tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry Playbook.

So we have some news on the Samsung Galaxy Tab release date for you today, according to an article over on What Mobile, old Sammy has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will see release as of the 1st of November.

Simon Stanford, the managing director of Mobile has said…“It can be enjoyed by anyone — commuters, students, parents, businesses — who want to experience a complete range of entertainment, whether that be watching movies, listening to music, reading newspapers, or simply making a phone call plus much more besides.”

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available to purchase from T-Mobile, PC World and the Carphone Warehouse, but unfortunately Samsung hasn’t yet revealed what the Samsung Galaxy Tab will hit your pocket for, but as soon as we find out we will of course let you know.


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  1. A little later than thought, but at least the rumours of a longer delay seem unfounded. I'm keen to be one of the first new owners. Shame it isn't a little cheaper – although that said, it sounds like the current prices being mooted around aren't official so there's still hope.

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