Nokia N8 Raw Components Cost Revealed by iSuppli

We’ve already seen the latest flagship smartphone out of the Nokia camp, the Nokia N8 been stripped down to reveal all its innards and now is appears that the raw components in the Nokia N8 have been tallied up to give us a cost.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Stefan Constantinescu, by way of Bloomberg, the guys over at iSuppli have now disassembled the Nokia N8 and revealed a rough guide to how much the materials cost totalling out at $187.47 for the Nokia N8.

Of course that figure of $187.47 doesn’t take into account Nokia’s costs for research and development, marketing costs and such so raw material cost is bound to be much lower than the selling price.

According to iSuppli the Nokia N8 screen is supplied by Samsung, applications processor by Texas Instruments, HDMI out chip by Broadcom and touch sensor is by Synaptics. In the industry the cost of raw components is known as the BOM, so for comparison the Nokia N8 BOM is $187.47 while the BOM for the iPhone 4 is only $0.04 extra at $187.51.

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