T-Mobile HTC HD2 Software Update Available Today

For all you T-mobile HTC HD2 smartphone users out there who have been waiting for an official software update to land, you’ll be happy to know that today is the day you have been waiting for as T-Mobile is to release software update version 3.14.531.1 to the HTC HD2.

According to an article over on Tmonews, the new software update from T-mobile will deliver several fixes along with stability improvements and access to new apps like Amazon MP3 and Shazam. As for those bug fixes…

The new software update will fix such stuff as slow browsing when on Facebook, the inability to delete Gmail messages in the preview screen, Twitter errors, SMS being delivered to the wrong person, and the white screen whilst browsing the net, the inability to hear Visual Voicemail, unable to unlock the device, unable to unlock the HTC HD2 with correct password, and the lack of a space bar on company directory keyboard, and finally the speakerphone doesn’t work after using the Call Assist app to call 611.

HTC HD2 user can download the new software update by visiting www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade and following the instruction; however T-mobile will issue a notification by text to HTC HD2 users when the update is ready, which should be today the 19th of October so keep an eye on your text messages and let us know how you get along.


5 thoughts on “T-Mobile HTC HD2 Software Update Available Today”

  1. jdem85 says:

    I installed the update last night. I still have slow FB browsing, and it seems to have broken the Sense overlay on the calendar. Thumbs down 🙁

  2. bad ass34321 says:

    upgraded and now I cant unlock my phone correctly, If i was to press any other key on my phone i can slide to unluck but if i was to press my end key then the screen goes unresponsive. Also, now i cant turn my phone off any more becasue when i hold down the end key to get to the power off screen the screen goes unresponsive again, so im forced to take the battery out.

  3. Joshua Warner says:

    i have problems with the operating system on the HD2.I have already exchanged the phone and it didn't fix the problem.we have also done the upgrade to the new ones and it hasn't made any differnce.I called T-Mobile to get different phone with a different opperating system.They won't do it until i exchange 3 times for the same phone.I have only had the phones for 4 months and have called many times and also had the phones exchanged already.These are some of the worst phones I have ever used.T-Mobiles customer service is also the worst I have ever seen!!!!!! Do not go with THESE PHONES OR T-MOBILE

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