T-Mobile Cheap Plan War with Virgin Mobile

Not too long ago T-Mobile announced a new cheap prepaid plan which offered customers the option to choose the amount of minutes, texts and data all for thirty of your bucks per month, and it appears this new plan has started a cheap plan war.

According to an article over on Mobile Crunch by Greg Kumparak, Virgin Mobile has become the copycat with their new “paylo” plan, but which of the two plans is best for the customer?

With the T-Mobile plan the customer gets the option of 1500 texts or minutes which that can mix up a little if so desired so like they could opt for 1200 minutes and 300 texts or some other configuration. Virgin’s plan does give a few more with 1500 minutes and 500 texts for your $30, but no flexibility.

When it comes to data, Virgin Mobile offers 10 megabytes while T-Mobile offers 30 megabytes, so the clear winner for the customer here has to be the T-Mobile plan due to more data and the option to be flexible with your texts and minutes.

However one does also have to take into consideration what mobile phone you’re looking for as if you’re after an Android device, Virgin has one up on T-Mobile as they offer Android devices on prepaid while T-Mobile doesn’t.

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