T-Mobile myTouch HD 4G Comes in Four Hues

Well now despite the like of Apple still having enormous difficulty pushing of a white iPhone 4, others don’t seem to be having a problem with coloured variants of their smartphones, as evidence by the word that T-Mobile will be pushing out the new T-Mobile myTouch HD 4G in four hues.

According to an article over on Tmonews, those people that are after the new T-Mobile myTouch HD 4G device will have the option of gaining the device in black, plum, red or yes you’ve guessed it…white.

It does seem that white versions of smartphone do seem to be all the rage these days with numerous manufacturers making white variants available to their customers. Makes one wonder why Apple is being so fussy over just how white the iPhone 4 has to be.

Still if you aren’t one of the Apple faithful you won’t give a fig whether Apple releases the white iPhone 4 or not, but at least T-Mobile customers are given the option to pick and choose.

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