iOS 4.2.1 (4.2) Problems: What We Have Found So Far!

We would like to mention a little more about the new iOS 4.2.1 (4.2) update that was made available a few days ago, today we would like to let you know what our readers have found in the way of problems so far, and of course we would like to hear more from other readers as well.

To start off we will let you know about our personal problem with AirPrint, we mentioned a little earlier today about AirPrint Not Working on HP Deskjet F4580 that has left us slightly frustrated, we know this is a big issue and many of you are left without this feature working with the printer you are using.

Our readers have left comments about their personal problems and we will list a few, one reader had problems with the Bluetooth hands-free mentioning that it does not work anymore on voicemail since downloading the new update, it was working before but not now.

Many Apple users trying to download the iOS 4.2.1 update come up against error code messages such as 1013, 1611 and that is when we told you how to restore this problem. After trying to download the new software update many iPhone 4 users were left with their handsets stuck in recovery mode, please let us know if this happened to you.

One of the major problems since iOS 4.2.1 went live is via iPhone 3G and 3GS users, many complaints came flooding in to us with readers commenting on the fact that they were angry because the new iOS update did not include the new ‘Text Tones’ but the iPhone 4 did.

Has anyone has problems with the screen lock since the new update? The reason we ask this is because one reader has come forward with this such issue.

Other Problems:

    1. Error 3004 Code Message
    2. iPhone 4 MobileMe Account
    3. My iPad is now bricked, why is it frozen?
    4. Some of my iPad apps are not working now, for example SmartNote

There are probably more problems with the new iOS 4.2.1 (4.2) and we want to know about them, as so do our other readers. Please do use the comments area if you have encountered the above problems and of course any more that you wish to share. Thanks


143 thoughts on “iOS 4.2.1 (4.2) Problems: What We Have Found So Far!”

  1. Keith says:

    I upgraded my iphone 3gs with iOS 4.2 and ONCE AGAIN my iPhone is stuck in recovery mode indefinitely. My Vaio runs on Windows 7 32 bit and it has never been properly compatible with the iPhone 3gs. The only way I can get my phone back working after an update is if I use someone else's computer with an older operating system.
    I am sick to the back teeth of this incompatibility issue between Microsoft and Apple and, given the fact that this is yet another update addressing key issues, they have no interest in making life easier for those of us who don't use Macs.

    1. Dan says:

      i had the 1013 error. just googled in and changes some txt in the host file on my mac and then tried to install 4.2.1 on my ip4 and it worked 1st time!

  2. Ahmad says:

    I'm getting that I can't contact the server msg everytime I try to open my outlook work mail !!!! Also..50% of the YouTube videos are giving me a message saying that it can't played due to a non supported format !!! Not to mention the no new text tones :S I'm sooo angry !!!

  3. Roy says:

    Ever since setting up the free Mobile me account to be able to find and remote wipe the iphone 4 on IOS4.2 i keep getting a message that the settingsor credntials are wrong but they are not very annoying, is this apples way of offering you something for free but making you pay to get rid of the anoying error messages!

  4. Jaja says:

    Bought m ipad 2 days ago and updated to ios 4.2 straight away…almost everything worksfine except connecting to the net even I have a strong WIFI signal… could not also use Apps that needs net connection… The message "server stopped responding" always appears…. =(

  5. Dan says:

    fix error 1013

    Step 1. On your Mac, go to your “Applications” folder.

    Step 2. Now navigate to the “Utilities” folder.

    Step 3. Launch "Terminal".

    Step 4. Type "sudo nano /etc/hosts" (without quotes) and hit return.

    Step 5. Enter your password

    Step 6. Use the down arrow key to find the “gs.apple.com” entries. Once the cursor is in front, make sure you comment out the line(s) by entering “#” in front of the text.

    Step 7. Save the file by pressing CONTROL+O.

    Step 8. Exit the nano editor by pressing CONTROL+X.

    Step 9. Restore your iDevice.

  6. Kelly says:

    With this new update my pdf files will not sync to my iphone through iBooks. They are showing as checked, and I've also tried to just sync all my books, but only the pdf's won't transfer. I'm restoring it back till the next release.

  7. Adelyn says:

    Since I updated my iPad, I don't have any new features except for GameCenter, no Multitasking, Folders, etc. Also, my screen lock key is non-existent, it reformulated in to a mute key. Arrrgh.

    1. Flameboy says:

      You have to make the folders yorself, Try dragging one app over another app and this should make the folders for you. Then you can rename the folder to whatever you want it to be!

  8. Melvin says:

    I updated my 3gs but i see nothing new with this update. Is this update focused on iphone 4? It would be nice if apple would break it down for us and let us know what is getting updated on iphones 3g, 3gs, and iphone 4. I was looking foward to being able to have custom text tones until i found out it was only for iphone 4 users.

  9. Adelyn says:

    After the update for my iPad, the only new feature that I now have is Gamecenter, no multi-tasking, folders, etc. Aso my screen lock key no longer works, it reformulated into a mute key. Arrrgh.

  10. Justin says:

    I was reading on apple.com that in the Notes folder you could customize your text font. I have yet found out an actual way to do so. Also, the AirPrint doesn’t work with any of the wireless printers that I have at my home, and I am very positive that they are connected to our wireless router. The new look for the Voice Memos icon, looks absolutely terrible and down graded. Lastly, the lock screen appears to be a lot darker than it used to be. I’m on the iPhone 4, & hopefully Apple can fix all this.

    1. bcolling says:

      I put it in my post earlier… for your font change in Notepad, go to settings, scroll down to Notepad, select and you should have the three choices to choose from.

    2. Kristin Klink says:

      I also have noticed the home screen is much darker than it used to be… like there is a shadow from the bottom up. I thought I was just imagining it. :o) I haven't tried the wireless printing yet. As for the notes, you can change the font by going into settings-scroll down to "Notes"-the next screen will give you 3 font choices (Chalkboard, Helvetica & Marker Felt). Hope this helps!

    3. Debra says:

      I agree about the lackluster look of the Voice Memos icon. I'm now having trouble syncing my books to iBooks as well. All that aside, I'm freaking because a super important voicemail I had saved since August is now nowhere to be found! I desperately need to revert back before the update to retrieve this message!

    1. iphone fan says:

      I am glad that I'm not the only one with the same issue on my 3gs. Apps keep crashing and some of them such as map, work very slowly. I was hoping for a better performance and stability on this update, but its been proved otherwise.

  11. Rob says:

    The ipod function doesnt work anymore when connected through the USB to my ipod compatable car!!!!

    "Not fit for purpose" could be the answer, do apple want to refund everyone or sort the problem quickly, Im sure they are reading these posts, so sort it guys!!

    1. Patrick says:

      I have the 3G.. I have the same problem!.. i cant use my ipod in my car via USB anymore…anybody have any answers?

      I also have experienced issues with burning music onto CD's since the new update..it says it burns..i look on the back of the CD and it looks burned, but when i stick it in any music player it won't read it! answers appreciated!

  12. Alex says:

    I have the YouTube problem also and I can not see or access the app store at all. My phone has had several glitches almost froze up. Tried turning off and turning back on that seemed to help a bit.

  13. Mike says:

    I found my 3GS navigation on its browser very jumpy and sluggish. All began after 4.2 update. I use this more than my Mac Air! So whats the problem…Is HTC designing code for them?

  14. bcolling says:

    Haven't noticed much change at all. There are a few minor things, but then again I believe this update was directed more towards the iPad. The new text tones are non-existent. Also it appears as though outside of HP's line of wireless printers, you'll have to purchases software for your Mac (I have a Mac) that will accept your iPhone Airprint file and then send it to your wireless printer…kinda defeats the purpose. To Justin, for your Notepad font change, go to settings and scroll down to Notepad, select and it should give you the three choices to choose from.

    If I find anything else, I'll post it. Later (Ben 3GS user)

  15. Jessica says:

    Apps crash, safari server not found, top of my screen shows duplicate times the top reading correctly and behind it is a shadowy looking time that display the time it was a few hours ago. Same thing behind the icon at top which shows the percentage left on the battery; the top one displays the true percentage left but beneath it there is a shadowy looking 100% and a shadowy battery icon that indicates that my phone is charging even when it is not even plugged in. Totally pissed off!

  16. Nicolas says:

    The Calendar (standard) whenever I've tried editing previous events, it crashes and doesn't work. Forcing me to restart the iPhone 4. Also when locking the phone it may take a few seconds to do so (something that didn't happen before, and once locked the slide button is not consistent to the touch.

  17. lia says:

    I tried to do the update this morning, and now it is locked and asking me to restore and update, but it won't do it! I just have the picuture of i-tunes trying to be connected by a usb cable! Very frustrated! I am headed to a support store first thing in the morning! I've only had this iphone 4 for 15 days!!!!!

    1. Buc says:

      Solution that worked for me:
      1. Disconnect iPhone.
      2. Put one NEW .mp4 video file in iTunes lib
      3. Connect iPhone again.
      4. Go under movies, check sinc this movie file and pres sync button.
      5. My music are back now, hope for your too. 🙂

    2. I have the 4th generation iPod Touch and I had the same problem after updating yesterday. The capacity bar graphic says it has music in there, but when I go to 'music' in the ipod it says it's empty. I solved this problem by going into itunes, clicking the iPod icon under Devices in the left sidebar, and clicking Sync in the bottom right of the itunes window. I don't think it matters if you actually sync anything, because I don't have music set to sync, only apps and contacts. Anyway, it worked for me and now I can access the music that was previously hidden from me. Hope this helps.

  18. Abi says:

    My cellular network is become unstable after upgrade to 4.2.1 now its often go to searching mode and if it connected I can not get the 3G. is there anybody experience the same problem as me? My previous version is 3.2.2

  19. Terry says:

    Using the iPad camera connection kit, after upgrading, the iPad will not recognize all photos on an SD card. Tried in on an iPad not upgraded and it works fine. A similar problem may exist with the VGA adapter, but I’m still investigating.

  20. mike says:

    why is apple still allowing this update to be downloaded i just did it thinking it was going to help and now my iphone4 is locked and i see everyone is having problems with this…would have been great to know before downloading it

  21. Ana says:

    After backing up the second iPhone 4, restoring the third one, updating to 4.2 I am frustrated!!! I can’t sync my ringtones, the pictures in my library, messages, or any of the apps. HELP!!!!

  22. Jimmy says:

    iPhone 4 w iOS 4.2.1 locks up when deleting contacts from my contact list. It also did the same while adding a new contact. This has required a manual reboot with the top power button. This bug is very annoying since it cuts into its primary function as a phone.

  23. Ron says:

    My bluetooth is still non existent, i cannot find anyone to pair with but when they find me to pair with my phone it says the other phone is not compatible or cannot connect.
    Does anyone else have these problems

  24. Jakes says:

    After the update, my "all contacts" list only shows 1 contact. When I search I can still the find the other contacts though. It's as if the system has hidden them. Tried a Sync but it did not help.

  25. Guest says:

    iOS 4.2.1 Tips.

    Folders feature automatically appears when you drag one apps over another. (activate the Apps movement mode by tap and hold the apps for a couple of seconds). You will be able to name the folder

    Multi-tasking, you double press the home button. It will let you switch between tasks. PS you should also try to shut down the tasks that you dont use anymore. This can be done by tap and hold on the apps in the multitasking window. It will then allow you to close the apps.

  26. Akin says:

    i guess we all are having to become techies overnight. Thanks to Mr Jobs and his rather too prescriptive way of doing things. Just upgraded my Ipad and my wife's this morning and we have lost everything in the IPOD section of the Ipad. Itune said syncing during upgrade but somehow i cant find any of the stuff on itunes or on my IPAD. Also the upgrade seem to have taken more space within my system and lastly and most annoying is the screen lock. Our screens now has a mind of their own and i guess they are loving it as it rotates as it likes and cant be locked anymore as the tiny button on the top right hand side for lockign it now works as a mute button. Any help. i use my Ipad a lot for taking notes and training so you can imagine the pain of turning my head and hands to get this working- thanks- Akin

  27. Alceste says:

    Solution that worked for me:

    I tried to update my ipod touch 4G from 4.1 to 4.2 and was stuck in recovery mode.

    I downloaded RecBoot version 1.1 (1.3 is a hassle to get) ran it to exit from recovery mode, and all was well instantly.

    (I did have to download also itunesmobiledevice.dll separately, and installed it in the same dir as RecBoot.)

    I will not install 4.2 again, and am happy to have my ipod back.

    Hopefully Apple will come up with a better version.

    Good luck people.

  28. Sparkes says:

    Very disappointing 4.2 has not been QA'D correctly! My IPAD now has major wifi connection issues even though I had no problems before upgrading. Screen lock is now mute!!!!!!????!!! Get a grip Apple. Anyone want to buy an iPad I am going back to windows laptop!!!!!

  29. Ana says:

    my biggest problem after updating my iphone 3gs to ios 4.2 is with the battery – it lasted only one day with internet off & 5 minutes of talk….
    in settings-general-usage, i cannot see the real "usage" time – it shows the same thing as in the "standby" field. plus several applications just crash few seconds after opening them.
    is there a way to go back to ios 4.1?

  30. Sandra says:

    My music has been wiped from my 3GS, despite the settings on the phone telling me I still have 14gb worth of music on there.
    When I go to iPod it tells me theres no content and directs me to iTunes on my phone. Went to iTunes to download an album to see me through my flight tonight….but once downloaded it's not showing in my iPod, so I've paid for music I now can't listen to until I get home on Tuesday and can resync my iPhone to my iTunes. I've rebooted three times, ejected my sim and rebooted and every other combination of turning it off and on that I can think of!
    Very unimpressed as I'm travelling home tonight and now have no music to listen to.
    I've not had problems with updates before, this is the first one thats messed up my phone.

  31. celeste says:

    i downloaded the upgrade for my iphone 4 and now the contact list is deleted and the sync option didnt replace ANYTHING so ive now lost a lot of important numbers.. if i restore, ill lose everything..the itunes doesnt recognize my phone now and wont activate with my account with istore, claiming it will delete some programes ive downloaded that cost me money as well.. would you be able to email me a solution (better be a FREE one for YOUR f#$kup, apple)..

  32. Fuzz says:

    Howdy. My iPhone 4 switched itself off and wouldn't switch back on after the 4.2 upgrade…..got it to come back on by holding down the on/off switch (on the top edge) and the Home button (bottom middle on the front) at the same time. Since then its been OK…..hope that helps anyone else with the same problem.

  33. Jennifer says:

    Learned along time ago to listen to all you techies about how the apps worked before selecting one for my iPad. Will never again assume Apple never makes mistakes! Wish I had read all your comments before I eagerly upgraded my iPad! Does Apple fix this kind of nonsense?

  34. Rob says:

    After upgrading to 4.2.1 on my iPhone 4,Keyboard clicks go from their normal volume to almost inaudible,and then randonly go back again.
    Anyone else experience this problem?

  35. Elvis says:

    I've been running 4.2.1 on a 3G and 4 since it was made available to developers. never had a problem upgrading or using. I guess I'm lucky or everyone else is unlucky.

  36. Abdullah says:

    I updated my iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1. However, I lost all music from iPod !! it is saying there is no data !! I have to go back to my home to use iTunes again. iPod is frozen without reason. If Apple did not test the release, why they published this release !!!!!! you should be more profiessaional

  37. ScottG says:

    Apple is deleting my posts on the apple forums saying they are speculating and complaining. Great support. My iPad will no longer import photos. two reasons I bought this was for adding photos and awaiting the multi-tasking. The only real multi-tasking I see is before while downloading an app, if you went on to something else, it would stop that upload until you left the app using. That does multitask and work now.

    For the person saying they do not get folders. This is how it works or at least how I got it to work, since instructions for apple products are non existent. Hold an app until they start to jiggle, then drag your apps into one you want to use. It will allow you to then rename the folder to what you want and you get little icons in that square. Still limited to how many you can put in, so as in games, I now have three folders Games1, Games2 etc.

    The new OS not allowing SD Cards to import and if you are lucky, you get 12 photos max. If you do not get incompatible or too much power consumption errors. Changing the iPad from 100ma to 20ma power, this is only going to be fixed if returned to 100ma or something close. Apple cares more about battery life than the life of its users. I waited almost 6 months for this upgrade in OS, can someone please tell me how to get it back to an earlier OS.

  38. Linh N. says:

    After updating my iPhone 4 software to iOS 4.2.1 I am experiencing issues when I try send out emails from my yahoo account. Sometimes it works and sometimes I get a server failed message. I then have to shut off my phone and turn it back on to work. Anyone having this issue?

  39. RYANroberts9 says:

    iv just updated my ipod touch 3g to 4.2.1 and it did it but now it wont pick up my laptop so i cant restore or sync. please apple get it fixed or we'll all have refunds

  40. Richard says:

    Upgrade caused videos that were on iPad or iPhone during upgrade to have sound out of sync. Can't figure out how to fix it. Any other video installed after upgrade works fine.

  41. CHIMA says:

    I was playing with one of the application programmes on my Iphone 3gs, after then i noticed something running till it became stuck. Right now the i phone could not go back to its recovery mode. i could see a locked key on the screen with dates and time only.

    Please what will i do?

  42. Netty says:

    My iPad won’t change from portrait back to landscape, apart from in some apps.

    Also my lock button is now a mute key as well.

    Apps crash when using them, at random.

    Help fast please apple

  43. Alok Bhargava says:

    Volume slider at the bottom bar


    I upgraded my iPhone 4 to 4.2.1. I had no update issue. I noticed that it added a volume control slider at the extreme left side of the bottom bar. This slider is too sensitive to touches. Any finger touch to scroll bottom bar changes the volume setting, it’s very annoying. A better way to move the slider should have been implemented e.g. Hold a finger on the slider for a second and then move the slider.

    I expect better implementations from Apple.

  44. DaveA says:

    After installing 4.2 on my iPad (64GM 3G, with about 40GB used on photos and music) it froze, and I had to do a reset (holding off button and button on the front for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo shows), and then it just sat there showing the apple logo, with the progress bar partially complete. And it just sat there frozen – so I searched to see if anyone else was having a problem. And found this page, and started to worry that I'd suffered the same problem as several other people and trashed my iPad! However for anyone else that reaches the same point – you don't need to panic. After about 20 minutes of apparently frozen screen, the iPad suddenly showed my backdrop and then prompted me for my unlock passcode, which I typed in, and all seems fine. So if you do have the frozen screen, it may be a problem, but be patient, and it may actually just be doing something, and then be fine!

  45. Nardo says:

    After Upgrading to 4.2.1 (iPhone 3Gs Legitimately Un-Locked) I also lost all my Music and Video easily resolved by a quick Re-Sync
    However I now have a Major issue with Signal Strengh I use Vodafone (UK) and I am confident after ringing them that its an iPhone issue…
    School boy mistake on my part dont upgrade before kinks ironed out

  46. James says:

    I have upgraded to the new ios 4.2.1, can't connect to a wireless printer connected to my network, the airplay icon randomly appears, although i haven't seen it in a while now which is annoying as i have an airport express so i can play music wirelessly.
    Thank you Apple for making the iphone 3gs users second rate by not including the additional text tones in our update.
    I am sure there will be other glitches, maybe when the clock goes forward the alarm wont work… who knows!!!
    Also upgraded my partners iphone 4, had to do it twice as the first time it failed.

    Suggestion to Apple: test your stuff before releasing it! Maybe i should go back to a windows phone next time.

  47. Levi says:

    Since updating my 3GS has had trouble with connectivity. I now have trouble with my mobile phone service and 3G. My wife’s 3GS has had the same problem.

  48. Delano says:

    I just updated to 4.2.1 and now the buttons on the left side of my iphone 4 will not work. The phone is stuck on vibrate so when i receive a call there is no ringtone and the volume buttons are not working. Has anybody else had this problem?

  49. JimC says:

    Updated my 3g with this 4.2.1, only problem I had was the No Content in the ipod, found this link and fixed the problem. Other than that, the phone seems to running faster, and apps are not frozen…so far. I think they fixed my problem, good luck.

  50. This update included some 'fixes' for car audio connections. I recently bought a Volvo and the integration with the iPhone via USB was great. After upgrading to iOS 4.2.1 it's broken. VERY FRUSTRATING! What's more frustrating is that I don't know who to blame – is Volvo support for iPhone sub-standard or has Apple made a mistake with this last update. I hope this gets fixed soon.

    1. Dave says:

      Same issue with Freelander. Gave my wife my old 3g after updating to 4.2.1 and now it pairs ok but won’t actually connect. Also the BT symbol is intermittent?

  51. Mike says:

    I have an iPhone 3G and after the upgrade my Outlook calendar will no longer sync with the calendar on my phone. No error messages, but the calendars do not sync. I tried deleting and re-installing iTunes, but that didn't work

  52. Keylon says:

    The 4.2.1 upgrade left my iPhone in recovery mode, requiring a visit to an Apple Store. They gave me a new iPhone and installed 4.2.1 from another computer, then I synced with my iTunes. The entire thing left me without my iPhone for 4 hours and my screen cover was lost when I lost my old 6 month old iPhone. The next day, my alarms worked but had no sound. I figured I just didn't hear it, but it happened again on next day. Needless to say, I was late for work both days and had to pay for parking. I will be troubleshooting to get more info for Apple.

    I'm completely demoralized by this flop by Apple. This is my first time since being with Apple in which they have made such a blunder. Demoralized, but given enough time with this great tool working properly, I will cuddle right up to them again.

  53. Geoff says:

    3GS iPhone was updated to 4.2.1 Should have waited for update without bugs. Trusted Apple. Big mistake. Lost over 700 photos and some video clips of family. Camera roll sluggish and most video thumbnails not present even though video will play when icon touched. Genius bar at store was worthless. 2 hours with Apple care yielding nothing. Deserve replacement phone. Loyal customer now really pissed off.

  54. Tuan says:

    Update 4.2 on IPad and encounter these problems: email sometimes won't send or takes much longer to send; IPod got stuck in 'canceling sync' mode, but I just fixed it; apps buttons sometimes won't work, and need to tap few times.

  55. Tony says:

    My Ipod Touch is broken from trying to update from 4.1 to 4.2. All I see is the Itunes logo and usb key. The slide to power off button is gone. My computer does not recognize my Ipod. I lost all my apps and videos includes the Roger Waters The Wall concert. I am very upset. I am returning it tomorrow and may ask for my money back.

  56. pete says:

    ever since i downloaded the update on my iphone 3gs a message keeps popping up that sais i entered the wrong voicemail password, the catch is i dont have a voicemail password and it pops up at random times.

    1. Thomas says:

      Why on earth would you want to update to the new OS??? Haven't you read the last 4 pages of remarks 🙂
      I have learnt my lesson in regards to updating before first or second batch of fixes. Advantages with updates hardly ever outweigh the mess and time spent when they don't work.

  57. Rizz says:

    I have the iTouch 4th gen. It was working fine after I downloaded the update until it just turned off for no reason. I have to force reboot it and restore it once I connected it to itunes. What the heck is wrong????

  58. steven says:

    3g user. 4.2 sucks!!!!!! get incorrect voicemail password screen everytime i unlock my phone. and it went into recovery mode for absolutley no reason. worst update since 4.0!! other than that i have loed it since the day i got it over a year ago. and will be getting a 4 in a few months. but apple really needs to get with the freaking program!!

  59. Donna says:

    Since uploading to 3G iPhone, I can't get pictures to upload to Facebook and every time I make or receive a phone call, I get a can't login to voicemail message immediately after hanging up. My husband gets the same voicemail message.

  60. Liz says:

    This is ridiculous, does Apple only test it's updates on Mac's or what? I had to call my provider today (Telus) because since I updated my iPhone 4 software to 4.2.1 I am unable to connect to my wireless router in my home. I have to go into Settings & Carrier and toggle between Automatic & Telus and even then, it only works for about 20 seconds & then it defaults right back to 3G. Telus told me the new update is not compatible with routers that are 5 GHz and to change it to 2.4 GHz (not sure how & NOT HAPPY 'cause I am using my data plan to browse in my house where I have wi-fi). Also, I had a few voice mails saved that were wiped after the update & I have not been able to get them back. And finally, I just now discovered that the visual voice mail is NOT working AT ALL!! I had 3 messages that I didn't even know were there so everyone may want to check your voice mail to make sure there aren't any messages there. My visual voicemail just shows Deleted Messages and it's a message I had prior to the update…..so yeah, the phone saved the deleted messages but didn't save my saved messages. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

  61. Ben says:

    Updated my iPod touch (2nd Gen.) to iOS4.2.1 and now I can't get any photos to sync. Error says that there is not enough free space. I have .25GB of free space and I can't even get 1 photo to sync. There were over 200 photos on it originally. I have since deleted all of them and still can't get any photos to upload. Once I upgraded the OS and went to sync. new photos, I have had this problem. Photo sync. worked fine in iOS 3.1. I have a feeling this is because of the new res. screens on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. I think the images are not as compressed as they were before and take up more room. However, I should still be able to copy over 1 image. Anyone know how much free space needs to be avail. on the Touch?

  62. arron says:

    ive got an ipod touch 4g, the download went smoothly then the download just frooze. i stupidly took out the ipod and now its got a screen with the connect to itunes. i think this is reffered to being called briking because i have to restore and download the update. any tips?

  63. Deamer says:

    My replacement pod came with 4.2.1 and iTunes won’t let me restore or “upgrade” it to 4.1. I call it an “upgrade” because 4.2 SUCKS. I’m really getting tired of having to renew the lease with the router every two minutes. Apple, please do everyone a favor and kill 4.2.1.

  64. Frank says:

    My Iphone 4 ( IOS 4.2.1) went dead during standby this afternoon. Screen is blank, and the device is a kind of hot. Nothing happens when pressing menu or power button. Nothing show up when connected to the charger. I made it to come live after pressing menu button and power button for a long time and after numerous trials. My phone is not jail-broken. All programs have been download from the apple web and they are not many. I am at loss why this happened. Does anyone have the same problem?

  65. Keith says:

    after Jailbreaking 4.2.1 my phone icon on the spring board brings up a white screen and crashes after about 3 seconds. I can not access my recent calls, phone book and keypad.

    Have not found anyone else with this problem. ANY ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

  66. John Runions says:

    Unable to delete text messages. When I slide my finger accross a message to display the DELETE button the button shows up then disappears right away.

    Another side effect of the above problem is extreamly bad battery life (less that 5 hours on a full charge).

    I suspect a rogue process or something in the background continually running and killing the battery.

    I tried a complete reboot and it did not solve the problem.

    A restore to factory solved my issue, but restoring from a back up just put the problem back on. I had to restore my phone and leave it as a new device.

  67. John Runions says:

    Grouping of audio book MP3 files randomally gets messed up.

    Audiobook MP3 files usually show under the name of the book in the Audiobook section on the iPhone. Randomally the MP3 files get moved out of the section and get paced in the root audiobook menu. Once in the root it is impossible to tell which file you are currently listening too.

    I must remove the book from the device and resync in iTunes to fix the problem.

  68. J.Taylor says:

    It’s the 7/1/11 and wish I never made the latest os 4.2 update.As the update finished my phone bricked up nothing to do but use restore but that was not the end of my problems after restoring it performed a back up replacing the back up I’d made prior to the update so all but photos lost not a lot of money but enough.No it don’t end there now it’s hit and miss getting in to apps and iTunes store.Very very angry

  69. IOS BrokeiPod says:

    don't get the IOS 4.2 update is you have music videos, they screwed up the iPod media player in this update. What a mess. Because it takes so VERY LONG with the iphone to setup you music and MUSIC VIDEOS anything that screws them up it a nightmare for users. They should never change ipod media player with extensive testing. My Music Video list now takes forever to populate. It was instant now its LONG. My iPhone 4 with the IOS4.2 update is now MUCh slower than my 3GS running IOS 3.1
    IOS 3.1 instantly displays my list of music videos and IOS 4.2 takes about 20 seconds to display the list. NO Progress there Apple. Apple like Microsoft is starting to take 2 steps back for every one step forward. Trying to make too many new releases with out testing especially user testing. Don't these apple people have videos and music videos ? didn't they realize that they broke the iPod player in IOS 4.2 (4.2.1)

  70. IOS BrokeiPod says:

    IOS 4.2 on iphone 4 problems:

    iPod – have many music videos —- it now takes FOREVER to display the list of videos, it USED to be immediate (iso4.2 broken) also the music video icons are picking out album icons instead of video fram icons (Broken)

    The Trim Memo function is not working

    The FaceTime selection is no longer available (can no longer facetime in the house)

    4.2 good .ics support

    for 1 good thing it broke several others.

  71. Chad says:

    ever since i "upgraded" to ios 4.2 my iphone 3gs is sort of acting funky. it takes about 5 seconds to open text mgs. some apps i have just act funny now… like… slow/freezing/not fully registering… what the hell?! i thought updating was a good thing!? i called apple about it and they "havent heard of this problem". they wanted me to pay $29 bux to help "resolve" the issue. has this happened to anyone else? my phone worked fine before this…. if anyone has any ideas id freaking greatly appreciate it!!

  72. Alexandre says:

    After upgrade to 4.2.1 at the end Itunes congratulated me with my unlocked phone.After I made a few tests with other sim card I find out that mine phone is unlocked.Strange because I didn't ask or do nothing for that.During a call my phone shut down but not the connection.To start I must hold on the start and home button,then appears the apple logo and boot.When I start the phone it doesn't open at the first page.Apple please do something about this,I like this phone and I want to use it for long time,mine is 6 month old.

  73. christine hardy says:

    hi can anybody help i have an apple ipod touch 8gb i bought second hand. it caME WITH IOS4.2.1 ON IT. it worked fine for about six weeks now everything has gone from it all it displays is a black screen and the apple logo.it wont do anything many thanks christine

  74. Adam says:

    This has annoyed me. Since installing on my 3G. Everything works fine. I restore everything and my contacts messages etc are there. Five mins later. Phone randomly restartes and I loose all my texts. All 2.5 yrs worth….

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