Windows Phone 7 Update Improvements Video

As you have no doubt heard, Microsoft intends to push out a major update to their Windows Phone 7 operating system this month as reported (here) with another major update coming at Mobile World Congress 2011 as reported (here).

According to an article over on Engadget by Michael Gorman, and by way of Anandtech, Microsoft just might be ready to deliver the operating system update to users of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, so what does the WP7 update include?

Well as expected the update will deliver the copy and paste feature to Windows Phone 7 and apparently speeds up load times for 3rd-party apps because of improvements made to the management of memory although any specifics on the changes to the OS haven’t been released as yet.

As for the actual release date for the Windows Phone 7 update, well as usual Microsoft is keeping that to themselves for now, but hopefully will hit WP7 devices in the not too distant future.

What we do have though is a demo video for your viewing pleasure that shows how much faster app load times will be once your device gains the new update, so be sure to hit that play button and check it out…enjoy.

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