iPad 2 Delays, Release & Supply: The Main Focus

The iPad 2 has been right at the front when it comes to rumours and speculation covering what specs and when it will release and of course the latest news recently covering the delay of the Apple device, so let us talk about the main focus.

We have reported previously about the iPad 2 delays and that it might now be released in June 2011 according to Apple Insider and this is all down to what is called “Production Bottlenecks”. The main reason for the delay is down to the supply of display panels for the second-generation iPad.

Now if you read the latest report over on Apple Insider since last years launch of the first iPad around 3 to 4 million units were produced before release and this year Foxconn plan on making 4.5 to 5 million iPad 2 units in the first quarter of 2011.

Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has informed Apple Insider the supply chain is near enough on track for a POSSIBLE release of late April or maybe early June, but we must remember that a shipment of display panels has been delayed. So it is not the iPad 2 launch that has been delayed it is display panels that have been delayed.

Samsung and LG Display can meet around about 75 to 80 percent of Apple’s needs so we all not need worry just yet.

Now when it comes to the main focus of the iPad 2 it is not all about the camera and the width, it is main about the anti-reflection and thickness, the increase in resolution is not the main focus here. What we can expect overall with the iPad 2 is that it will be thinner, lighter, come with more RAM, better and faster graphics processor and an overall faster CPU.

An Apple Event is scheduled for March 2 where the iPad 2 will be unveiled; wonder if the next-gen iPad will feature the new Light Peak Connection read more about that here.

Other Apple News: Orange and T-Mobile have cut iPad prices leaving many online stores out of stock so that clearly means the iPad 2 is coming, oh and what do you think about the latest rumour suggesting a 6-inch iPad is coming

Even More Apple news: Talking of delays the iPhone 5 has had delay stamped all over it, iPhonefaq even though they have no source linked on its website claims that because of component shortages and a last minute change in design the iPhone 5 may not release until September 2011, it is very interest what Business Insider had to say on this matter and we do recommend you having a little read.

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