iPhone 5 Release Date: WWDC Hardware Announcement

Well, here we are with the latest rumours surrounding the release date of the iPhone 5 and possible WWDC hardware announcement.

A report by Korean site ETNews.co.kr (Google Translated), coming to us by way of the guys at iPhone Download Blog, indicates that the release of the Apple iPhone 5 will happen towards the end of June. However, as I reported in a previous article, there was a good possibility that the release of the iPhone 5 could be put back until the fall or even as late as the New Year, to enable Apple to introduce LTE 4G to the device, see my article here.

Therefore, what are we to believe; well the ETNews report is centred around inside knowledge that Apple’s next iPhone will be carried by two Korean wireless providers KT and SK Telecom first.

iPhone 5,’ the next model of iPhone 4, will be released on the coming 4th week of June. In the midst of the iPhone 5 postponement rumors, Apple has confirmed that iPhone 5 will be released as planned and it will be released simultaneously in Korea through SK Telecom and KT.

It also appears that the rumour is clarified by the guys at MacRumors:

The sourcing of the article is a little suspect, as it appears to be attributing the information to Apple, itself. It also contradicts the “fall” timeframe that has been previously proposed for the next iPhone release. Mobile carriers, however, have been a source of some early release information, as new phones launches must be coordinated”.

However, as MacRumors have noted at the end of their article, the story was posted on April 1st by ETNews and whilst, there is no evidence that this is meant as an April Fool’s joke, I think we need not read too much into it for now.

If we hear any more information on the release of the iPhone 5, we will keep you updated.

You may also be interested in reading my previous article on a front and rear camera for the iPhone being made by Sony, which if true could cause a delay to the phone’s actual release date — see article here.

So what are your thoughts surrounding this latest rumour, do you think the iPhone 5 will be released in June or later? Please leave your comments below.

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