British Prefer Blackberry Touch aka Monaco/Monza Than iPhone 5

With all the hype surrounding the BlackBerry Touch aka Monaco/Monza and the Apple iPhone 5, how great it would be to see which one is currently winning in the popularity stakes.

Are you a dedicated BlackBerry user or one of the iPhone faithful? Well, which ever you are, you may be interested the following survey.

901 people in the United Kingdom were polled in a survey conducted by Good Mobile Phones and the results come to us by way of Shiny Shiny. When asked which phone they would rather have, 53% of those polled said the new Blackberry Touch, with only 42% opting for the new Apple iPhone 5.

Apparently, a couple of reasons given for the preference of the BlackBerry rather than the iPhone was ease of use for email and that it seemed more reliable.

See below secret pictures supplied by BoyGenuisReport of the new BlackBerry smartphone.

However, according to this poll, there are still more people actually owning an iPhone (38%), compared with BlackBerry (34%). Thus, indicating that the iPhone still has a slight edge over BlackBerry in the British Market.

iPhone or BlackBerry, which one do you prefer? let us know.

Also of interest to you might be my article yesterday, regarding another poll that was conducted on owners of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android enabled smartphones — see here. Alternatively, if you are a tablet user, why not check out James’ article on the Apple iPad 2 and BlackBerry PlayBook Comparison Video.


10 thoughts on “British Prefer Blackberry Touch aka Monaco/Monza Than iPhone 5”

  1. quik4life says:

    "However, according to this poll, there are still more people actually owning an iPhone (38%), compared with BlackBerry (34%). Thus, indicating that the iPhone still has a slight edge over BlackBerry in the British Market."

    Ummm….a survey doesn't give accurate stats as to which phone has "the edge" in the British Market.

    BlackBerry was the #1 selling phone in the UK for 2010. http://uk.blackberry.com/solutions/partnerships/

  2. dan says:

    im a blackberry owner bold 9780 i like my phone alot but i cant say i wouldnt prefer iphone 4 its just with the touch its something new wereas the iphone already has that feuture just iphone has no buttons

  3. Paul Pc-repair Tress says:

    i agree with the first guy, essentially a phone is for sending and recieving calls or messages, who cares what it looks like or who makes it. obviously there are alot of easily (stupid)influenced people out there. i read a report recently that said that most iphone users couldnt even afford to buy them anyway

  4. Sidders says:

    when my wife got her 1BB she complained that she could not use-she was used to nokias for years.She rang our network and the tech guy told her how to use her new BB and finished the call by saying…….and never forget the BB is a grown up's phone……says it all i think !

  5. ItIy says:

    Iphone is still pretty good.. thinking back to what was available before, it it was very user friendly, and has only got a bit more flabby since. However, have to say the way Apple operates wears pretty thin after a while.. the whole ropey ITunes thing pushing more and more services and bloat down your throat with each update, and manipulation of available apps spoils it for me. Will probably look for an alternative for the next phone.

  6. John G says:

    Something doesn't add up. Android market share is supposed to be high also? 38% own an iphone, 34% own a blackberry. Simple maths leaves just 28% for EVERYTHING Else. for Android to have a higher market share than iphones, it must have more android phones available… This data is HIGHLY INACCURATE!

  7. Iphone 5 isn't even out yet, So they cannot compare them. Iphone will always be better and the only reason blackberry is so popular is because of the BB messenger, once 1 person has a BB pin, everyone wants one.

    Same as any other messenger, Blackberry sucks.

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