Some iPhone Owners Are Slightly Overdrawn: Your Views

Now there is an assumption that if you have an iPhone, you have an ample amount of money at your disposal. However, are iPhone users punching above their financial belts?

Well, according to an article done by Ryan Kisiel of Mail Online it would appear so. As, nearly 1 in 5 owners of the iPhone admit that they have an overdrawn bank account.

This is quite alarming news, as this equates to about double the national average. With 1 in 10 Brits, admitting to always being in the red. Further to this, half of the people that own a BlackBerry phone and 54 per cent of phone owners that use Android enabled devices claim to never be overdrawn.

So does a person’s financial status and salary determine the type of smartphone they will use? Well according to the survey, there could possibly be a link. Apparently, people who use a BlackBerry or Android enabled device earn more than those that own the iPhone.

Kisiel also claims that a poll conducted by YouGov, found that 5 per cent of iPhone users earned over £50,000 per annum, as opposed to 7 per cent of the users of Android enabled devices and 10 per cent of BlackBerry owners. In addition, of the iPhone users polled just under half earn less than £20,000 per annum, in comparison to 38 per cent of BlackBerry owners and 27 per cent of Android device users.

So it looks like Android enabled smartphones have leapfrogged the iPhone in the popularity stakes, with only 26 per cent of those polled owning an iPhone, whilst 28 per cent owned an Android enabled device.

Further evidence of the popularity of Android enabled devices over Apple iPhones is in my colleague Marks article on the iPhone 4 being outsold by the HTC Thunderbolt – see full story here. Also, worth a view might be James’ article on the Android enabled HTC Thunderbolt and iPhone 4 battle video – who wins? see here.

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