Top 5 Most Wanted iPhone 5 Features: Dear Apple

Dear Apple please be upstanding while we take you through a few pointers of the top 5 most wanted iPhone 5 features that will make us applaud you.

There are so many new features customers would love to have on the next generation Apple smartphone and if the iPhone 5 expected to release in September incorporated any of the ones we mention below then happy days all round as they say.

iDB have given a few features and we have a few more, 1080p video capture would be a fantastic addition if Apple could give users this on the new iPhone 5 because seeing 1080p streaming to the Apple TV would be amazing.

Many have the GSM iPhone 4 and Verizon has the CDMA version so it makes sense to give all a world phone, basically the new iPhone 5 should have both GSM and CDMA capabilities. The third feature has to be a 720p front-facing camera, which would be perfect for FaceTime as the video call would be of superior quality.

Number four has to be a brand new design, please get rid of the glass back and bring us the old aluminium back cover or push the boat out and make it carbon fibre.

The Apple Mac Pro and Mac Airs feature the Thunderbolt port so surely the new upcoming iPhone 5 should have the same port. So far that is the top 5 most wanted iPhone 5 features, if you have any more features you would like the iPhone 5 to have please let us know.

Pushing The Boat Out (More Features): Edge-to-Edge display, 3D cameras, 4G technology, Smaller SIM cards, better battery life, 8-megapixel camera or better, Speech to Text Conversion,


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Wanted iPhone 5 Features: Dear Apple”

  1. Lex says:

    Why the hell dont u want a glass back. Its classy as shit. I hear lots of people complaining about it breaking/cracking. Well to those people i say take care of ur nice things a little more better. Ive had mine for a while and not one scratch. I even dropped it once real bad but it had a bumper and luckily ll on the corner leavng no mark. Quit compaining about the glass back, its what seperates it fro all the other cheapy looking/feeling phones i.e. The samsung galaxy s…Keep the Glass!!!' i take care of my shit so please keep the glass

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