WWDC 2011 liveblog Stream, Gizmodo Contradiction

Sorry to put a bee in the bonnet, but when it comes to the WWDC 2011 liveblog stream via Gizmodo we feel a contradiction has come into play.

Personally, we love Gizmodo and they have a good fan base and of course its fans will follow their liveblog. Gizmodo states that they will be giving readers real time commentary on all the news covering Apple’s big event ‘WWDC’ later today.

The event will cover announcements such as iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion, and Gizmodo will post the best images live from the floor, this is a slight contradiction because it will not come direct from them being at the event, instead these images will come via other sites such as Technologizer, MacWorld, New York Times, Ars Technica, Wired and MacLife.

According to product-reviews.net Gizmodo had limited coverage of the WWDC 2010 event, and this was down to the fallout with Apple over the iPhone 4, hardware making it into Gizmodo’s hands before the official release.

WWDC 2011 event worldwide start times: Hawaii 07:00AM, Pacific 10:00AM, Mountain 11:00AM, Central 12:00PM, at 01:00PM in Eastern, London it will start at 06:00PM, Paris at 07:00PM, Moscow 09:00PM, Tokyo will be June 7th at 02:00AM.

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