iOS 5 Photo & Camera Features Explained, User Friendly

The new iOS 5 was announced yesterday, with a stunning 200+ new features to boot. How about some photo and camera features explained and how user friendly these new additions will be for iPhone 4 customers.

Taking photos with the iPhone 4 is already good, but the new photos and camera features within the new iOS 5 makes it so much better, we will explain why this is the case. At the moment the only way you can snap a picture is by tapping on the camera app and then once it is open you tap the little camera icon to snap pictures.

Well the new iOS 5 makes the whole camera experience very easy indeed and user friendly, it now features grid lines, single-tap focus, exposure locks to compose a picture, pinch-to-zoom gestures and the ability to use the up volume button to take photos.

The new lock screen shortcut allows you to double click the Home Button, when this is done a new camera icon next to the slide unlock button will appear, simply tap this and it will open from the lock screen. If you have a passcode set you can use this to unlock the camera from the unlock screen to take photos.

The new grid lines feature allows the user to align photos, pinch-to-zoom gestures helps the user zoom in and out with ease, this means you do not have to tap the screen and then slide the focus button. The iOS 5 has also added the single-tap focus option and locks to compose a picture on the move. We also like the fact you can use the volume-up button to take photos rather than the on-screen button.

The photos app has been improved as well, so much so users will be able to create albums straight from the iOS device such as the iPhone 4. It will also allow users to rotate, crop, remove red-eye and enhance photos, and last but not least there is the new photo stream feature, this is enabled in iCloud and allows photos taken on the iOS device to be synced to other iOS devices automatically.

iPhone Hacks mentions that the above features are not groundbreaking but are useful and user friendly, and we have to agree. We cannot wait for the new iOS 5 to release this fall.

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