iPhone Android Knock Off Offered By Sears Then Pulled

As you know, over in the knock off capital of the world, China, there are many clones of Apple’s iPhone, only recently one such knock off of the iPhone 4 came to light the other day called the Gooapple 3G, which we reported on, but you don’t expect such knock off devices to be offered by a major US retailer like Sears do you?

Well according to an article over on iPhone Download Blog, the guys at Modmyi spotted an iPhone Android clone on sale at Sears, although obviously not the Gooapple 3G as the device didn’t have any visible brand name on it until the Gooapple knock off.

Spec wise apparently the iPhone Android smartphone offered a 3.5-inch touch screen, dual SIM cards, Android 2.2 OS presumably Froyo, WiFi and TV and H2000 Android 2.2.

Price wise apparently Sears was offering this iPhone clone for 264 bucks, but has since pulled the advert, so it would seem that someone at Sears has made a faux par in slapping up the advert in the first place, either that or Sears was perhaps contacted by someone at Apple.

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