Nokia N9 August 19 Release Date & Price: Pre-order Special

The Nokia N9 is the new MeeGo smartphone everyone is talking about, but when it comes to the release date and price it still remains a mystery. We have found some information that suggests it will release August 19.

If you visit Technodom (Google Translation) they have plenty of info covering the Nokia N9, the website also states the August 19 release date with a price tag of 99 990 tenge (500 Euros -$686 US).

The site also allows customers to pre-order the upcoming smartphone, personally we have never heard of the site above but they do have a good Alexa rank so they must be popular.

We mentioned not so long ago the Nokia N9 availability page and the UK is not listed on it, maybe we are missing something here. Another point to add is the fact that Nokia is going to release a Windows Phone 7 smartphone with Mango, so why on earth would customers want to buy the Nokia N9 with the MeeGo operating system? We would love to know if you are interested in the Nokia N9 or will you hold out for the WP7 phone from Nokia.

We found Technodom via talk.maemo.org by a member called “selfish_russian”, so wish to say a big thanks for them for the heads up. If anyone could come forward and confirm the release date of August 19 and it’s pricing that would be fantastic.

If you look at this Google Trends page (Graph Image Below), you will notice the comparison in trends for the Nokia N9 and the Apple iPhone 5, the image below shows a red line for the iPhone 5 and a blue line for the Nokia N9, it clearly shows there is more popularity with the iPhone. We are receiving loads of emails via readers asking about the N9 and when it will release etc, whatever way you look at it the iPhone 5 is getting all the interests here and do you really think Nokia will succeed with the N9?

The Nokia N9 is a very nice looking design and can see there being some interest, with so may new smartphones coming out this year Apple has a very good strategy in releasing its smartphone in Sept for US and October for everyone else.

We would like to ask all our readers if they have any interest in the Nokia N9, is this the next smartphone you will be purchasing this year?

We do welcome all your comments below; if you have something to say please do let us know. Thanks, whilst you wait for more information please do check out our previous article showing many Nokia N9 videos right here.


37 thoughts on “Nokia N9 August 19 Release Date & Price: Pre-order Special”

  1. Nimish . says:

    Phone looks awesome and Linux powered meego hides the slightly dated HW really well. But 686 USD for the first and the last Meego phone ! No Way !

    I guess hardcore Nokia fans or tech early adopters will be the only ones interested.

  2. Euan Thoms says:

    I probably will get one, when I get a weak moment and I’m feeling flush with cash. I had the n900, still the best phone ever made IMHO. I really hope it sells well and Nokia make more meego phones. What where they thinking, WP7 over there own, home brewed, killer OS! Idiots in charge now, it seems.

  3. Rob Compton says:

    The reason there is little media/public interest is because Nokia are not marketing it because Steven Elop doesn’t want it to be a success or his good friend and master Bill Gates will get upset. I want one because (a) I do not want at any cost anything made by Apple. (b) I refuse to have a phone that needs keys and every windows phone I’ve ever seen or tried has been as stable as a meringue with jelly foundations, and (c) I don’t want a phone that runs a Java interpreter pretending to be an operating system. I might go back to a Symbian phone until one of the other manufacturers bring out a Meego phone if I can’t get a N9. My N900 won’t last for ever as it has a hard life, and is starting to give trouble. Gates is a g*t, and Elop is his b*tch!

  4. Vikram Dewan says:

    I am going for one as its a piece of art and the first and last Meego phone (as of now). It has a special place and would love to own one… I don’t care about the apps or what other OS are capable of but this one seems to have an edge over others in terms of beauty & brains… I am waiting for N9…

  5. Eric H says:

    As a current N900 owner, I’ll be purchasing an N9 as soon as I can get my hands on one (I’m in the USA, Nokia!) The N9 seems to offer a user experience that no other phone can touch, and to me it’s Nokia’s best bet at restoring their lost glory. This is the phone to get, at least until its success spawns even more powerful versions down the road… 🙂

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