Droid Bionic Hot New Pictures Front & Back, 4.5-inch Display: Update

If the lack of release dates and pricing details of the Droid Bionic by Motorola is annoying you, please sit back relax and check out the Droid Bionic hot new pictures of the front & back, looks like the smartphone will feature a 4.5-inch display.

New pictures of the Droid Bionic and surfaced online thanks to Droid-Life (Cheers Guys), no one has seen the front of this upcoming handset but we have seen the back, the back of the Droid Bionic was seen whilst sitting in a new docking station, and now the front is showing up and you can see this below.

The new pictures of this device are real according to the source above and hopefully can see it releasing in September if all goes well.

If we look at the pictures it shows that the Motorola Droid Bionic has the same soft-coated material as the DROID 3 smartphone, the screen looks very large indeed and it seems it could be a 4.5-inch display could be a 4.3-inch but we will stick with it being a 4.5-incher.

The photos are a little blurry but it clearly shows what the Droid Bionic smartphone by Motorola looks like, and got to admit it looks very sexy indeed.

The official release date is still not known and we are still waiting for confirmation on this, but it is getting close and an early September release looks very promising. What do you think of the pictures shown here? Surely you are getting excited now?

The Droid Bionic specs point towards 1GHz dual-core processor, 32GB data storage, 4G LTE network compatibility, 1GB of RAM, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread operating system, 4.3-inch touchscreen has been reported but we say it will be a 4.5-inch display screen, display resolution of 960×540, 8-mega-pixel camera with LED flash and 4x zoom, a front-facing VGA camera, video playback in 1080p, output support for HDMI 1.4 as well as memory expansion via microSDHC.

As soon as we know the official specifications and release dates we will let you know, please join me Mark Chubb on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, by joining one of our social networks you will receive instant notifications. The image below is from @billnewl You can also see the picture via TwitPic so just want to say a big thankyou.

UPDATE: The latest news in confirms that the Droid Bionic will have a 4.3-inch display and NOT a 4.5-inch, please read more about this right here.


6 thoughts on “Droid Bionic Hot New Pictures Front & Back, 4.5-inch Display: Update”

  1. Didn’t the leaked spec sheet say 4.3 inch? Couldn’t this be an older pic of one of the other versions of the phone someone “leaked” now just to keep messing with people?

    1. Adnaan Zaffer says:

      The Droid Bionic listed by that leaked spec sheet was pointed out to be the XT865, the OLDER Droid Bionic that we saw at CES earlier this year. It wasn’t the XT875 that we’re expecting very soon. Though I may be wrong and that 7 could’ve been mistyped as a 6 and those are the specs.

  2. Didn’t the leaked spec sheet say 4.3 inch? Couldn’t this be an older pic of one of the other versions of the phone someone “leaked” now just to keep messing with people?

  3. Its too hard to tell it the Bionic has a 4.5 ” display or not. I hope it does but after to seeing the leaked specs, I kind of doubt it. I’m just wondering with all these leaked shots of the Bionic and documents concerning the Bionic that we are all just being played…

  4. Rex_D says:

    The picture of the phones side by side is NOT level, which is the only way to compare sizes. Is it REALLY so hard to actually take a decent photo these days? I hope these aren’t examples of the Bionic’s camera function.

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