iPhone 5 Announcement Possible Oct 5th Release Week Later

That much awaited day is getting closer and closer, the day when Apple finally opens their mouths and spills the beans on the next generation iPhone, as the latest little rumour to hit the net on the subject is that the iPhone 5 could see an official announcement earlier that previously speculated.

According to the guys over at Pocket Gamer, an inside source of the unnamed variety of course, has apparently stated that Apple is to hold a press conference on the 5th of October when they will announce the next iOS smartphone with the iPhone 5 hitting retail the week after.

It appears that the trend of the iPhone 5 unveiling rumours look to be coming closer and closer as at first it was expected about the 21st of October according to O2, and then speculation turned to the 15th of October as per mention by Orange, and now it falls down to the 5th of next month.

The guys do mention though that the 5th fits in nicely with the symbolism, iPhone 5, iOS 5, October 5, although that could simply be pure coincidence, and as usual with all these announcement and release rumours should be taken with the usual dosage of salt.

It’s also still speculated due to numerous accessory makers that the iPhone 5 may surface with a larger display, upgraded 8 megapixel camera and an elongated home button, but again this is all unconfirmed at this time as well.

So if this latest rumoured announcement date for the iPhone 5 pans out we could get all the details on the Apple smartphone in just over two weeks time, with a release of the fifth generation iPhone around about the 12th, of course it could also be pure bunkum and way off the mark, and no doubt more dates will surface before Apple does go all official.

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