HP TouchPad Tablet Sale Date: Employee Benefits

All of those that missed out on the very low price of $99 for the HP TouchPad will be a little disappointed, the reason we say this is because a new HP TouchPad Tablet sale date has been revealed and it is for employee benefits only.

HP will be selling the HP TouchPad Tablet PC at the low price of $99 for the 16GB model and $149 for the 32GB, and this will only happen for those that work for Hewlett Packard, bit of a bummer hey if you was wanting one.

Many complaints were posted to HP for lack of stock after the fire sale that happened last month, and HP has acted upon this and will supply thousands to employees. This sale will have its limits, which includes one HP TouchPad tablet pre employee.

TechCrunch were the lucky ones that received an email via an HP employee stating that the sale of the cheap tablets will happen on September 28 at 9am Pacific Time.

HP employees in the United Kingdom also received the same email mentioning the same process, basically saying that the HP tablets have made their way for a HP-only sale via their Employee Purchase Program. The question we would love answered is “Will there be a massive sale of the HP Pre 3?”

The WebOS platform is basically dead in the water and hopeful HP TouchPad owners are waiting for the Android operating system port.

Phones Review already reported back on September 7th showing a video of Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread running on the HP TouchPad tablet thanks to the TouchDroid team, you can watch that video right here. It may be of interest to read Phones Review James earlier article covering “According to an article over on Reddit, the Touchdroid team have now disbanded and the reason given for the move is that it was discovered that the team had been copying CyanogenMod team code without giving credit.”

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