Nexus Prime aka Samsung SCH-I515 in Radioshack system

The new Nexus Prime aka Samsung SCH-I515 is now showing up in the Radioshack Cellebrite system, no one knows if this new Google Android smartphone will be the Prime or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, time will tell.

Best Buy and Verizon have already started to show this Android handset in its Cellebrite systems; will there be two new phones or just one?

The Samsung event about to happen within the next few days will reveal all, we have reported a lot about this handset and it seems that the Nexus Prime showed an appearance as coming soon in Singapore.

Reports came in saying that the new Nexus Prime would release on November 3, which means an announcement would be much sooner, and Verizon confirmed that this new Prime device will feature 4G.

As soon as we hear more about the Samsung Nexus Prime, or Galaxy Nexus, or whatever the phone will be called we will let you know.

Whilst we sit and wait for the Samsung event to kick off, we would like to ask you a few questions: What features would you like the Nexus Prime to have? What name would you prefer the new handset to have? Do you think Ice Cream Sandwich will get its announcement this week or next?

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Source – Phandroid

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