Top 5 best iPhone 4S skins

The iPhone 4S needs the best accessories; it is an expensive smartphone that needs protecting as well as a little extra eye candy. There have been many concerns when it comes to iPhone 4 Cases fitting the iPhone 4S, this is all down to the buttons on the left side being moved down slightly, but skins fit both models.

We visited Online Social Media (OSM) and they have listed the Top 5 best iPhone 4S skins, we know all iPhone skins fit the 4 and the 4S (Front and Back only), any skins that come with side stickers may result in a few problems, getting iPhone 4 skin sides to fit on the iPhone 4S models may not work.

Anyway, not so long ago we done a hands-on review of SkinFlips, you can see one of these skins on the iPhone 4, also looks good on the iPhone 4S (Sorry, got no pics on iPhone 4S yet but will do soon). Read the full hands-on review here of these amazing skin stickers.

OSM has given a few names on where you can get iPhone 4S skins, the first online store is ZAGG who are selling the beautiful LEATHERskins, and these only cost $19.99.

Another from ZAGG is the Steve Jobs Portrait skin for only $19.99; this is a great skin with the man from Apple and is a great way to remember who gave you the iPhone in the first place.

Mobilefun.co.uk is selling GelaSkins Bloom Protective Skins, these are pretty and classy, they feature 3M technologies for easy application and clean removal, and are super-thin, and they also have anti-scratch and anti-UV coating.

Everyone loves Mr. Men and Little Miss and GelaSkins are offering the cool Little Miss Naughty skin for only $14.95, no one wants to get old when it comes to classics. If this one is not to your taste do not worry, GelaSkins offer the whole range of Little Miss skins.

Now seeing as the iPhone 4S is the best smartphone in its range, and to many customers the world, it is only but fair to give it the best skin in the world. Say hello to Slickwraps, and wow they have a massive selection of top quality skins, for once it is very hard to pick a favourite, please visit them and see what takes your fancy.

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