Students iPhone & iPad holiday gift guide 2011

With the festive season fast approaching, gift ideas for your loved ones are on everyone’s mind. Obviously the older your offspring get, the high the demand for the latest technology climbs, and where better to start the gift ideas than with Apple. So here at Phones Review, we thought we would glance over what options are open to the school leaver/college/university student.

First we look at the main products from the Cali Company, be it an iPod, iPad or iPhone, all have their strengths and areas covered. Perhaps the iPod for the school leaver needing music with Wi-Fi connectivity, iPad for the college student needing the extra screen size for research and study, and the iPhone for the university student wanting to stay in touch when away from home.

Once you have chosen your device there must be the need to protect it, and at Phones Review we have covered the protection options for iPhone/iPod and iPad. Looking at the iPad, one of the most popular forms of protection comes from OtterBox and its four different style coverings, offering almost indestructible construction.

Next we look at the students free time, and what better to do than relax and listen to some music. This is where the likes of the Jawbone JAMBOX steps in. Without the space for conventional large speakers, the JAMBOX packs 85 decibels of wireless Bluetooth sounds, making every space a party place.

Getting back to the studying side of their lives, we understand that when not partying, students need to take notes. Now while the traditional pen and paper has cut it for many years, technology is now set to over take. With this in mind we have chosen to take a look at our final Christmas idea in the form of CaptureNotes 2 for the iPad. As reported by tipb.com this $4.99 app allows you to write, type and record your notes all at the same time. It then highlights parts to make it easier to backtrack when back in your dorm revising. Another bonus is the ability to draw diagrams and import PDF’s.

So there you have a couple of things to think about, whether it’s from choosing the main device or upgrading an existing item, there is a multitude of options available for you. Tell us if you have found any useful accessories as gift ideas?

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