Vintage Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S / 4

With Apple iPhones, be it the older or newer generation 4S, we’ve been keen to report on various accessories including new cases. One that caught our eye today is that of the “Vintage Twelve South BookBook Case” for the iPhone 4S/4 smartphones.

In appearance, the new tasteful case/wallet is as the name describes, a pocket sized vintage book, clad in brown leather with a distressed look. It includes a wallet to the left with slots for your credit cards or cash, alongside a slot for the phone to fit into on the right-hand side.

Brought to market, with the idea of having your wallet and phone rolled into one neat accessory, the BookBook case with its covers can be folded back if you have to take a call, with accessibility to all of the iPhone ports and buttons. If the smartphone needs to be charged, then this can be achieved by way of using the headphone jack whilst the phone is positioned inside the BookBook.

If you’re stuck for ideas this Christmas, then perhaps this new BookBook case is the gift for you at a price of £54.95. To find out more on it head on over to mobilefun.co.uk. Whilst you’re making your mind up, perhaps check out some of our other iPhone accessory articles such as the skinny case, protective iPhone 4S cases or what about the new Casellet.

Let us know what you think about the new Vintage Twelve South BookBook case? Would you pay the above price?


2 thoughts on “Vintage Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S / 4”

    1. fanatic says:

      Hey, I am planning to do the same, buy it off ebay for 20 bucks. Can you confirm that yours is genuine case. U can check the authenticity by checking the volume button holes on the case. I no holes, then real,else if holes then fake. The original has +,- markings and no holes. PLEASE REPLY ASAP,

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