Verizon Galaxy Nexus bootloader unlocking process

With the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon now being released on December 9th, some of you may be wanting to unlock the bootloader.

Unlike past devices that have required you the user, to hack into your device or even bypass the bootloader, the Galaxy Nexus has been designed to allow you to open it up straight away.

As droid-life.com stated before you start, advice is to get the Android SDK installed with recognition from your device through adb. This will then set the wheels in motion for simple commands and a quick volume press on the smartphone. To get a full listing of the instructions, brief breakdown of each and some of your important questions already being answered, follow the link for droid-life.

First up the unlocked bootloader will only work with Windows, and the most important step to follow beforehand is to set up the Android SDK properly. Now to make a start, place a fastboot.exe file into your SDK folder if its not already there and download. All being well, then turn on your device with USB debugging (Settings>Developer options>USB debugging), plug the Nexus into your computer, head into your SDK/Tools folder or where your adb.exe and fastboot.exe files are located.

Next you have to hold SHIFT and right click and choose open command window here. Type the following: adb reboot bootloader. Your Nexus will then switch off and reboot to the bootloader. Now type: fastboot oem unlock, you will then be asked to unlock. Using the volume keys say, “Yes” then press the power button. Your bootloader should now be unlocked. The Galaxy Nexus will factory reset itself and reboot, with you now being able to use the unlocked Nexus.

Will you consider using the bootloader unlocking process?


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