Verizon Galaxy Nexus microsite simulator, be interactive

This year it’s fair to say has been a triumphant year for manufacturers Samsung, and not least with a range of different mobile phones. Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, Note and not forgetting the new Galaxy Nexus have been a talking point in the last few months. Turning our attention to the Nexus for one moment in the hope that it will finally arrive on Verizon soon, we have got some more updated news to bring you.

Courtesy of Zach Honig over at Engadget, it seems a microsite simulator has come to the attention of many, which in basic terms means, support is available for programmed hands-on tutorials for taking a look around menus, browsing single page Verizon sites, launching apps and so on.

Available online, the site acts as a way for would-be users to get to grips with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus before it officially releases, for this reason, users will have a head start on how to work their much longed for device. Static pages and limited animations adorn the microsite but at least it’s enough to whet your appetite.

As to when the Galaxy Nexus will officially arrive on US carrier Verizon is still a mystery, with countries such as the UK, Canada and even Australia benefiting already.

Let us know if you are waiting for the new Galaxy Nexus? What are your thoughts on the new microsite simulator?

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