Others release Galaxy Nexus, US still lags behind

Customers waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus to arrive on Verizon will now have to hold on for a few more days. What was hoped to be the official release on December 9th has now been and gone, with a date of December 15th being the time to get your hands on it. We have to say the big red US carrier are certainly cutting it fine with the timing with just two weeks to go now until Christmas.

Earlier, we told you about a video that can be seen showing the Galaxy Nexus being unboxed and unveiled in the flesh. Click the above link for more details. Disappointing news for new and existing Verizon customers, as more news today has shown that the new Sammy addition has been released not only in Canada last week ahead of the US, but according to smarthouse.com.au, Telstra customers will now be able to sample it’s delights in Australia.

The handset is available in-store and online, along with two other carriers from Vodafone and Optus. The latter have stated that customers will be able to have the handset by December 20th, with pre-orders being taken from December 16th. Four monthly prices will be set in place giving customers the option to have a 24-month contract.

Vodafone on the otherhand have a 12-month contract set in place with a slightly higher monthly figure to find.

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Let us know if you are waiting for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Can you see it arriving before Christmas? Or perhaps you are in Australia and can now benefit from the new Samsung?


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  1. Droidmail1 says:

    I am so frustrated and disgusted I was very close to buying an iPhone 4s at Best Buy today. They assured me that the Nexus was very close to being released. If I don’t have one in my hands by Friday I will buy the iPhone. At least I know it was a kick ass camera.

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