Samsung Galaxy Nexus undressed and videoed

The wait for Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus on US carrier Verizon to release, still remains a bain of contention for a large percentage of consumers. First off, the Sammy benefiting from the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, was due to release on the 9th December, but to the disappointment of many did not surface, now it seems a date of 15th December is being tossed around.

Over the last day or so, we’ve reported on how a small handful of consumers were able to pick up the new Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy stores, a mistake we have to add on the stores part.

Today whilst you twiddle your thumbs, we can tell you that a video has become available courtesy of YouTube, which shows the new Galaxy Nexus being unboxed and shown off in the flesh. If you cast your minds back just over a week ago, Samsung made it possible for some to see the Nexus at a Samsung Experience located in NYC.

Thanks to Androidcentral.com, the video (a decent one at that) which you can see embedded below, shows the contents within the box including, instruction manual, micro USB cable, battery, headphones as well as the Galaxy Nexus in all it’s entirety.

Tell us what you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Are you waiting, can you see it coming on Verizon this side of Christmas?


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus undressed and videoed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If Google Wallet is the issue and it has to be “architectured” into the the phone at production,this would mean that all the phones collecting dust at the stores would be recalled or is it possible if an agreement is reached, can it be OTA’d? What a frickin mess……..

  2. Anonymous says:

    While buying an iPhone 4S for my wife, I played with the Galaxy Nexus on Saturday at a local Best Buy.  I currently have a Black Berry, so it doesn’t take much to impress me…  The screen was impressive.  I’ve never used Android before, but navigation seemed easy and fast.  My only complaint…  is that the phone itself feels cheap and somewhat flimsy.  I normally keep my cellphone in my front pocket and I’d be afraid the Nexus would snap in half if I weren’t paying attention to what I was doing. 

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