Verizon Galaxy Nexus arriving Dec 9th or not?

Those of you waiting for the new Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, may be in for disappointment if the much longed for phone doesn’t arrive tomorrow December 9th. For the last week multiple sources had put down the new Sammy to arrive from the above date, but some today have suggested that it may not actually arrive tomorrow but December 13th, with the big red US carrier declining comment as to when it will surface.

Running on Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich OS and packing some pretty impressive specs, the Galaxy Nexus has already arrived in other countries including the UK and Canada on carriers Bell and Virgin Mobile.

With only December 9th to go on at the moment, we can only keep our fingers crossed that it will officially arrive tomorrow, we know that accessories have already been presented, as well as a Verizon price. Earlier today, our very own James spoke about how retailer Costco will be retailing the new Nexus but as to what it offers in terms of bundles still remains a mystery?

Have you got your fingers crossed for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus arriving December 9th? Will you be prepared to wait a few more days if need be?


5 thoughts on “Verizon Galaxy Nexus arriving Dec 9th or not?”

  1. Marvelfan says:

    At this point I feel I may as well wait. I put off buying the Bionic and then let the release of the Razr go by in anticipation of this phone. While I’ll just “Grin n’ Bear” it until this phone finally drops, Verizon does not have a happy customer. Looks like the rest of the world has already seen this phone and its making this future purchase feel a whole lot less special and grand.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We are dealing with Verizon here, so is that really a big surprise to anyone that the Nexus may not arrive when promised…. Verizon needs to do some major PR work. Maybe in the form of some early upgrades without any penalty

  3. Bryan Lykins says:

    I called my local Verizon store this morning and they said they had the Nexus and it would be on sale on Monday. This doesn’t make it official, but I’m holding on tight to my hope of a Monday release.

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