Apple & Samsung the pathetic: Uses same child actress

It’s no surprise to hear today that two of the biggest technology companies are battling it out with a war of words again, yep that’s right we’ll talking about Apple and Samsung. For some time the two rivals had appeared in a courtroom battle over the use of patents with Apple accusing the South Korean company Samsung of copying their device designs.

Today, although the news is not centred around patents of any kind, Apple have accused Samsung of using the same child actress for their Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE tablet advert, of which could be seen on viral video site YouTube.

Samsung have taken the video off of YouTube in what, as theinquirer.net stated, seems to be an act of guilt. Despite the child actresses looking very similar in appearance, they are in fact “Cheil” used by Samsung, with Cali company Apple using “Chiat Day,” for their advertisements.

We’ve viewed both videos of which can be seen using the above link, and we have to say its difficult to tell the girls apart from one another. Let us know what you think?

Are Apple and Samsung taking their battle too far now?


One thought on “Apple & Samsung the pathetic: Uses same child actress”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not Samsung but you are pathetic isheeps:)

    This is obvious mocking to Apple. Because of the pathetic apple’s patent s…ts.
    was expecting you to react this way for the “STEALING OF APPLE’S
    KID-ACTRESS” and waiting Apple to show the “patent” of it:)
    And you like a fish swallow the bаit.
    the girl on the picture made with “new” obsolete iphone , actually
    loves samsung tablet. This is the meaning. As the add about waiting
    crowd outside apple-shop, secretly in love with Samsung.

    Grow up ! Isn’t it better Apple to give you at last some real new product
    instead ? Or they now can only helplessly do “patent” clown-tricks?

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