Temple Run Android February release: Discussion corner: Update

Everyone via the Android corner is waiting on the Temple Run app to release, this simple but very addictive game is already popular with iOS gamers, and now we are only a few weeks away and the waiting game will be over.

Temple run is basically has the Indiana Jones feel to it, where a man (You control) is running away from gorillas/monkeys, as you flee you have to collect coins as well as dodge, jump and slide obstacles. You control the runner by using swiping gestures on the screen, we have already played this on an iPhone 4S and got to admit, it is very addictive.

Temple Run is a hit game already by Imangi Studios, and thanks to the official Facebook page of this game details have been released that the Temple Run Android app will release in February, but we already knew this already. We already mentioned that whilst you wait why not install a couple of Android apps to keep you busy, these two apps were called “Temple Run Fan App” and “Temple Run Cheats” (both for Android devices).

So while all you Android device owners wait for Imangi Studios to release Temple Run app to release in February, we would like to ask you to join the discussion corner below. In our commenting area please do have your say about Temple Run for Android, have you got anything to say, are you bored of waiting? Anything you have to say please do let us know.

Update: Temple Run for Android is not going to release today, we have more information on this as well as many fake scam Temple Run apps being spotted. Read more about this in full here.


60 thoughts on “Temple Run Android February release: Discussion corner: Update”

  1. TENIELLEG2 says:


  2. MO says:

    Why apple first always? Cant android users ever get something first. i mean it is the number one phone system in the world 
    February needs to come quickly

  3. Zander_1180 says:

    yes, i couldn’t wait to have this on my android phone. i borrow my friend’s phone to just play this. when is the exact release of the game??? i’m really ranting for it…

  4. Tiak917 says:

    I have been watching and waiting. Its already February and its not out yet. How much longer are u goin 2 make us androids wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Osorio823 says:

    Please hurry at least let it come out for android friday morning if we think it has problems we can let u guys know, let us test it out. We will notify u if there is “problems” why post up a picture of a samsung with the temple run picture on it if you simly cant just put it on the market, its as simple as ice cream man . Geez common hurry PLEASSSSEEEEEE!

  6. Ange1223 says:

    it really should have been released on android around the same time as it came out on the iOS market, is it really that hard to just release a game?? and they don’t even know when its going to get released still. -_-

  7. Raymer_rams says:

    I have been waiting for about 2months now for this game to come out on Android. I’m. Very bored with waiting. :/ I hope it comes out soon! February is coming to an end quick!

  8. Bear420 says:

    Why the hell do they tell everyone it.will be released in and or at the end of Feb, and then leave us hanging here onMarch 4th its now and they still have ir het to download. All they are f
    Giving us are these stupid other games that are “similar” that are actually quite rediculous! Just give us Temple Run already, and less lies and excuses!

  9. Cnaty45 says:

    Come on please put the game already on the android is it that you want us to buy a iphone NOOOOO im staying on my android weather you like it or not im done ive waited all night for this game to come out!! Just stopball your stupid lies and just put the game on the market are you seroise is it that hard to put it on the market!! And it will be mahd funny if you made us wait so long and nothing nothing came out but if it does come out and you make us pay for it im not even going to bye it cause im DONE WAITING

  10. Santamariajanelle says:

    Today is March 27! Its the rumored date that Temple Run is supposed to out for Android! I’ve been looking and nothing! HURRY!

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