The Secret of Grisly Manor too short, get Lost City

The Secret of Grisly Manor is a free game for both Android and iOS device users, the only downside to this popular adventure is the size of the game, it is too short but yet still good for no pennies being spent.

This classic adventure game was first released for iOS users, but then was released for Android users January 30th, 2012. The iOS version had an update on February 1st adding a small bug fix and graphic updates, the game is still very popular indeed but many are complaining it is way too short and within 20 to 30 minutes the game is finished.

We decided to ask strangers, friends and family to install “The Secret of Grisly Manor” on their smartphones (Both Android and iPhone), they played the game and at the end said “That was disappointing, expected a lot more from it”, some of the people we asked were a little stronger in language what they said but we will not repeat that here.

Personally, we here at phonesreview.co.uk say why complain that the game is too short, it is completely free and is a great way to entertain yourself for 20 to 30 minutes of your life. Grisly Manor is supposed to have over 50 locations to explore, but do not think for one minute that there are, what the creators mean is that there are 50 locations within the house and outside to find each puzzle.

Go get The Secret of Grisly Manor now via the App Store or Android Market if you have not already, its fun and free.

The Secret of Grisly Manor is very short indeed, but if you are looking for a much longer game to play then how about “The lost city”, this game is by the same creators as Grisly Manor (Fire Maple Games). They should have given more levels on Grisly Manor before releasing this new game, but hey that is the way things go.

The Lost City is not free but is a lot bigger, main features include: Beautiful graphics, many puzzles need solving, loads of items to collect, stunning sound effects and great soundtrack, journal that keeps track of all the symbols and clues that you encounter, dynamic map, complete hint guide and walkthrough built right into the game (Basically for those that get stuck), and much more. To get this new game please visit the Android Market or the App Store.

If you are playing The Secret of Grisly Manor and you are stuck, please visit our previous walkthrough article. We would also like to know if you prefer The Lost City or The Secret of Grisly Manor? If you are playing each of these games please let us know what game you are playing and on what device, thanks.


12 thoughts on “The Secret of Grisly Manor too short, get Lost City”

  1. Vonzemo says:

    On a whim I downloaded the game and was instantly hooked ! Its great fun and really draws you into its surrealistic world with superb graphics and mystical soundtrack. Loved the look and feel of it and was surprised at how smooth it played on my iphone. Just enough challenge and level of difficulty to keep the average player intriqued. A few areas may even stump you for a while. I loved it, especially since it was free ! Although I now plan on buying their other game, The Lost City. I guess (in my case) Fire Maples marketing strategy worked !! If someone over there reads this I hope they continue to make these sort of games, with the occasional free offering. Bloody good stuff !!!

  2. Valtastic says:

    where is this hint guide they talk about in Lost City? bought it, have been wandering through limited screens for ages with no clue how to move on and am now utterly sick of the music. Is the journal meant to open or something? it does nothing on iphone 4. am losing patience rapidly.

  3. Bogdan Popescu says:

    I finished it. it was actually very good. i am not sorry i paid for the app. Some apps really worth their money. I hope i can find another game like this. i finished it in 20 hours (continues play during 3 days.)

  4. Steve says:

    I played Grisly Manor on the iPhone and liked it a lot.  It was kind of short, granted, but the puzzles were great, and the graphics and sound are both top-notch.  My 6-year-old and 8-year-old daughters helped me solve some of the puzzles – it makes a great family adventure!  It might be time to try Lost City…

  5. Powel says:

    I’ve played both games and IMO I would have wanted the Grisly manor to be the same length as Lost City since I am more of a gothic loving person but nonetheless the games were superb!!! Loved every second I played!!! More more more

  6. Rita says:

    I WANT MORE LIKE THESE!! I just went through the Lost City and Grisly Manor in one day and I NEED MORE. Someone please help me. I’m starved. And yes I’m trying to get all the Myst games for my Mac but I  want MORE for my IPHONE!!! AHHH 🙂 Help please

  7. manueljanes says:

    I recommend the game TINTIN. It is a nice adventure game which I played every day almost a mounth, but now I’m just waiting something new from Grisly manor…

  8. beccalunger says:

    I got to the end of grisly manor and spun the dials in the basement till all three were blue and that is it. Nothing happened!? Am I supposed to do something else?

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