Great potential via BlackBerry 10 OS UI screens

Canadian company Research in Motion has been in the press for some months now, with news that its PlayBook tablet sales have dropped, news of a change about in staff structure and that Texan company Halliburton had decided to opt out of using BlackBerry smartphones for their employees with a change to the iPhone.

Today news may be about to get a little cheerier, with its BlackBerry 10 OS phones and what appears from images to be great potential from its User Interface screens. Images alongside information have been seen from a surfaced email containing a 14-page .pdf file showing some of the OS features and ideas, with future marketing already underway.

Although according to crackberry.com, the BlackBerry 10 OS UI screens are reported to be based on the PlayBook OS, changes will be seen to fit in with the smartphone overall experience. RIM are set to bring in their own set of widgets to the home screen, taking on what the Android widgets and Windows Phone Live Tiles have brought already with the use of mini apps.

As well as this, new artwork and icons can be seen from the Folder, Pictures and even Clock, caller display screen along with the Universal Inbox being seen with some big names within the email app such as Erica Josefsoon whose part of the RIM user experience team.

BlackBerry 10 OS phones are reported to be making their way to the tech world sometime in 2012.

Click over to crackberry.com to find out more and let us know your thoughts. Should the new OS be out now? Will BlackBerry phones still trail behind rivals such as the iPhone or Galaxy range?

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