iPhone Bluetooth Accessories: Zomm Wireless Leash Plus

Here at Phones Review we don’t just bring you the news on all the latest smartphones but also like to keep readers informed about all the available accessories out there. Today we want to tell you about an iPhone Bluetooth accessory, the Zomm Wireless Leash Plus.

This is a really nifty accessory that could really help those of us who have sometimes been a little careless and walked off without remembering to pick up our iPhone or mistakenly let it slide out of our pockets. The clever thing about the Zomm Wireless Leash Plus is that this Bluetooth accessory will alert you if you’re about to leave your iPhone behind. You can also attach the leash to other things such as your keys and as well as that it can be used as a one-touch emergency button.

It’s only 1.62 cm in diameter and around 0.5-inches thick and the perimeter has three areas, one containing a micro-USB port for charging your Wireless Leash, another which has a metal hoop for linking your Leash to a keyring or neck strap, and another containing flashing LED’s, as reported by TUAW. Charging the Wireless Leash Plus can be done in 4 hours using the micro-USB port and that charge will give you around 6 days of use on standby or two hours when used as a speakerphone. If you’re running out of juice the Wireless Leash Plus tells you by speaking “Battery Low.”

The initial configuration of the Leash is set up using a Mac or Windows app and then you can set the alert volumes or an emergency phone number. To pair the Wireless Leash Plus to your iPhone you merely press the Z button on the Leash for 6 seconds. When all the lights flash you’ll see it in Settings>General>Bluetooth. At that point you’re ready to go. Once prompted you’ll need to download the free MyZomm app. There’s even a built-in alert for if you turn off your Bluetooth whereby the Leash will start to bleep and a notification will turn up in your Notifications Center.

TUAW tested the device out and found that if you tried to walk away without your iPhone you’d certainly know about it after about 30 feet and the volume of the alert increased the more it went on. You can also choose to use the Z button for a shrill siren tone if you’re in a sticky situation and want to capture attention. Seriously this appears to be a really useful device although the price of $89.99 may put some people off. However when you think about it that’s a small price to pay instead of losing your iPhone or house or car keys. One other thing to take into account is that the Wireless Leash will impact the battery life of your iPhone all the time, unless it or the phone is turned off.

You can find out more about the Zomm Wireless Leash Plus at the Zomm product page here where you can also purchase this device and you can also view a video below this story showing the myZomm iPhone app and Wireless Leash Plus. What do you think of this ingenious accessory for the iPhone? Maybe you think it’s worth the money for peace of mind?

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