Power up with Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2000mAh battery kit

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been a big hit since its launch and a key factor of that was that it was the first smartphone to launch on the latest Android mobile operating system, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Today we have news of what we think many will find a very useful accessory, the Galaxy Nexus Extended 2000mAh Battery Kit.

Although the latest smartphones have a great deal to offer, the sheer amount of usability we now enjoy can come at the expense of losing battery power fairly quickly. This is where the idea of an extended battery to give you more juice can really step up to the mark. This kit includes not only the 2000mAh battery but also a replacement back cover in order to house the extended battery. This is an official Samsung accessory so there are no worries about compatibility and the extended battery kit is currently priced at £27.95

The extended battery will add 350mAh to the performance of the standard Galaxy Nexus battery meaning it can provide up to 11.5 hours of talk time. The replacement back cover to fit over the larger battery, which is 1.5mm thicker than the stock battery, also offers more protection to the phone. The cover also features a cut-out for the camera so there’s no loss to camera function and the larger cover also means that the camera will then be flush with the phone.

You can purchase the Galaxy Nexus 2000mAh extended battery kit at this link. Does this battery kit sound like something that could be useful for you? If you already use this extended battery why not let us know what you think of it and whether you’d recommend it to our readers.


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  1. Reply N says:

    The extended battery will add 350mAh to the performance of the standard Galaxy Nexus battery…”

    Are you sure?
    2000mAh – 1750mAh = 250mAh

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