Android Key Lime Pie OS 2013 possibility

It hardly seems like any time at all since we were talking about the new Android operating system, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and only recently we discovered the next OS would be dubbed 5.0 Jelly Bean. Although Jelly Bean is not expected until the fall we have news today that the following Android mobile OS may be called Key Lime Pie and may appear in 2013.

One minute we’re raving about the Galaxy Nexus being the first smartphone to arrive with Ice Cream Sandwich and it seems that in the next instant everybody’s already talking about Jelly Bean. Although it was widely rumored that Jelly Bean would be released in the summer we recently told how Google’s VP of engineering let slip during MWC that it would not arrive until fall. We also told how Jelly Bean might feature a new Android desktop mode and the possibility of Android coming to laptops and desktops is pretty intriguing. Hopefully we’ll be finding out more about that and other aspects of Jelly Bean at Google’s I/O conference in the summer.

News of the following operating system being called Key Lime Pie comes to us from The Verge who cites a “reliable source,” for the information. It certainly looks promising though as apparently the same source tipped the Jelly Bean name for Android 5.0 and that certainly seems to have been confirmed with the latest news from Asus. As a release for Jelly Bean hasn’t been made official yet it’s some time before we’ll hear much more about Key Lime Pie or its release timeframe but as ICS came out last year and Jelly Bean is expected later this year it seems logical to assume that Key Lime Pie could make an appearance in 2013.

We love the way that Google sticks to alphabetical sweet- themed monikers for its operating systems as it gives us something to think about in those doodle moments. With that in mind we’d like to hear your ideas for an Android operating system beginning with ‘L’ and we’ll kick it off with Lollipop! Let us have those comments.


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