New iPad iOS 5.1 jailbreak draws closer

As many excited consumers around the world begin to get their hands on the latest model of Apple’s iPad, the jailbreaking community are hard at work finding a solution to getting around the most recent version of the operating system. Today we can tell you that the new iPad iOS 5.1 jailbreak draws closer.

The new iPad is becoming available today as Apple retail stores open their doors at 8 am local time, and deliveries will be happening around the world to consumer’s homes. We have already told you that Pod2g was already busy working on a jailbreak for iOS 5.1, and now according to Redmond Pie the iPhone Dev-Team has found that iOS 5.1 can be jailbroken the same way the iPad 2 was done a few months ago.

This will provide the jailbreak team a base in their mission to get the latest tablet PC jailbroken, and the iPhone Dev-Team stated it will help to get the “required kernel dumps on the iPad 3”. The post goes on to talk about @i0n1c’s Twitter teaser and his images of an iPad 2 jailbroken running iOS 5.1, and his method of achieving this is a totally different one.

There has also been another jailbreak method being looked at by someone with connections to the Cydia repo scene, and with all this added together means jailbreak fans are in very safe hands as the talented work to bring another jailbreak to the table.

Owners picking up the new iPad are advised not to update it at all if they want to eventually jailbreak the device, obviously it is only advised you jailbreak a device if you are confident doing so, but there are plenty of step by step instructions provided with the jailbreaks. Have you received your new iPad yet?

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