4G on New iPad in Australia needs dropping: Update

Apple released the latest version of its tablet PC earlier this month and only last Friday launched the device in yet more countries, but today we have news that the company needs to drop the 4G from advertising for the new iPad in Australia.

It is being reported that the Competition and Consumer Commission in the country will take Apple to court, which according to AppleInsider is due to “misleading” advertisements that show the device running at 4G speeds in the country.

While the new iPad runs at 4G LTE speeds in the US on some carriers it is not compatible with the 4G network on the 1800MHz frequency in Australia, and it’s because of this that the ACCC is looking for “injunctions, pecuniary penalties, corrective advertising and refunds to consumers affected”.

The body released an official statement earlier today saying it would make an application in federal court in Melbourne at 9.30 am local time tomorrow for the alleged breaches of Australian Consumer Law. The recent promotion of the new iPad by Apple with Wi-Fi + 4G is being claimed by the ACCC as misleading, as it leads consumers to think it can connect to a 4G mobile data network in the country.

It is looking to ensure consumers are correctly made aware of the devices “correct technical capabilities”. Australia was one of the first countries to receive the new iPad on March 16th with sales breaking records over its first weekend of being available with three million units being shifted.

This will cause some embarrassment to Apple but you would have thought most consumers would have already been aware of the new iPads capabilities. Users in the UK will not be able to use the 4G LTE connectivity of the device for a while yet while they wait for the first 4G network to be launched, which could be later this year if Everything Everywhere gets its way.

UPDATE: Apple offers refunds, read more here

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