One Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor quashed

The closer we get to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) the more we are hearing on a daily basis. This is always to be expected with the major flagship devices and we’ve been keeping readers informed with rumors, leaks, conjecture and news about the Galaxy S3. However it seems that one rumor has been quashed today by Samsung itself, that of a Galaxy S3 with 3D.

Every time a major product launch approaches, by the time it gets near we like to think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the amount of information that has already leaked out. However, until the device is officially announced by the manufacturer we can never be sure of what will arrive and you can be sure that major smartphone producers like Samsung or Apple for example, keep their cards close to their chests and usually neither confirm or deny rumors. It’s pretty unusual then for a maker to actually quell a particular rumor before a device unveiling so we were surprised to hear the latest news today that Samsung has done just that.

Among the most anticipated specs and features of the Galaxy S3 are a larger Super AMOLED Plus display, a quad-core processor, improved camera, NFC, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However in our recent look at Galaxy S3 aspirations we also told how waterproofing, wireless charging and 3D support have all been rumored at various points over the last few months. When it came to a Galaxy S3 with 3D we have wondered just how much in demand this would be as 3D smartphones have never seemed to take off yet and the Galaxy S3 is already a smartphone that will be hugely popular without this addition. It seems that Samsung feel the same way.

Today Engadget reports that Samsung has taken the unorthodox step of issuing a statement that makes it quite clear that 3D is a complete no-go for the Galaxy S3 or any other imminent Samsung smartphone for that matter. Samsung said, “Although Samsung Electronics is constantly exploring new technologies for our mobile devices, we have no immediate plan to include displays featuring 3D technology in our upcoming smartphones.” Samsung couldn’t really make it any clearer then that there will be no 3D Galaxy S3 so that’s one rumor down, just another few dozen to go!

We have a feeling that there won’t be that many people who are disappointed at this latest news. In comments of response to our many Galaxy S3 articles, various desired features and specs have been mentioned repeatedly but we can hardly recall any comments that mentioned 3D as an important factor. We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this though. Would you have liked 3D support for the Galaxy S3 and now you know it’s not coming will be in two minds over whether to purchase the phone or not? Maybe 3D is not a big deal for you at all for the Galaxy S3?


49 thoughts on “One Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor quashed”

  1. Disclaimernotice says:

    As long as there’s a quad core processor, good gpu, 2gb of ram and the usual super amoled plus, the galaxy s3 is primed to be the best smartphone of 2012. 3d is nothing but a useless gimmick hyped up by Hollywood.

    1. Tmc says:

      I’m all for a non-removable battery.  It makes for a slimmer and more solid build.  As long as it lasts a full day with normal usage.

      1.  I have a Galaxy Vibrant and its nice to know I have a spare battery that I can easily swap and have a full charge rather than have to find a spot to charge and not be able to use the phone for that time. 

        1. Anonymous says:

          Most people don’t realize that ALL rechargable batteries encremently lose their charge capacity with every charge until the time comes when they won’t hold a charge at all. So that plus the fact that when it does come time to recharge a phone that doesn’t have a swappable battery, i would have to be tethered to a wall outlet to use it while its charging. I can’t have that.

          1. Mainz says:

            My laptop battery is near enough the same as how a got it and this was 3 years ago. I know phone batterys loose charge at a faster rate but a battery will generally last around 1-2 years after that take it to a phone shop or get Samsung to replace it (Samsung normally offer a 2 year warranty on phones well in the uk anyways so if the battery is inbuilt and not holding charge, you should be able to get it replaced for free). Not saying I would not like it as an option, it’s just since I upgraded to an iPhone 4s from the Galaxy S1 I’d rather have a solid well designed phone than a plastic one with a removable battery. Not Seen Any Nicely Built Phones With A Removable battery apart from the HTC Legend. + I have never had a phone with a battery that has completely died out.

          2. Anonymous says:

            The iphone’s build quality is VERY deceptive though. Sure it ‘feels’ better made in your hand BUT it shatters when dropped on concrete! Whereas EVERY plastic, cheap-feeling phone i have owned and continuosly dropped on concrete while getting out of cars, walking up or down porch steps, or missing my pocket, has came apart upon impact but was NEVER damaged functionally! I always just put the batteries back in and the battery covers back on and they all worked perfectly. I’d rather have a phone that feels fragile but isn’t than one that feels solid but isn’t.

          3. Mainz says:

            I get your point but I’m not saying use glass, just don’t use cheap materials on a £500odd phone, the iPhones design is 2 years old now and manufactures should be looking to top it, as we all know apple are. The HTC One Series Is The Closest Any Manufacture Has Gone In Rivalling The iPhones Design.

          4. Anonymous says:

            If you’re talking about the way it looks, i also have to disagree with that (of course its a matter of opinion) because although the iphone 4s glass encasing does give it a somewhat elegent look, its overall look is just ‘boxy’ with no sense of style to me. However, i think iphone’s old ‘tear drop’ design was really appealling to the eye.

          5. Mainz says:

            Well the iPhone design is not perfect by any means, it lacks curves and is a squared off design which is awkward to hold without a bumper but it does alot better than say the S2 where the body is all plastic, made the phone like a feather back cover feels extremely cheap and plasticy. The iPhones aluminium band and glass front and back do give it that elegant look and feel that the majority of people liked (it’s almost 2 years old and is getting old) and it should given that you pay premium price for a phone that lasts for around 1-2 years, manufactures shouldn’t cut down on costs while were paying for a device that feels like a toy with price tags similar to the iPhone. Not saying they should copy just take a leaf out of apples book and use premium materials on a premium line (should I expect less).

          6. Andihope says:

            I second that.How many times did I break my iPhone dropping it accidentally & yet I have dropped my S2 numerous times and not a scratch. I can’t wait for this handset to arrive personally because I think Samsung have listened to consumers and gone for premium build quality this time as well as killer specs…If they put 64gig on board, I definitely wouldn’t be bothered about hot swappable SD slot

  2. Rama44 says:

    If they do, It will be a Financial suiside. cost will be high and unafforadable for many.I will stick to my  S2 and wait till the android market brings out a free 3D app.

  3. Smilingeddie says:

    Samsung don;t always do what we expect. I was expecting NFC in the UK SII, when they didn’t I cancelled my order. I’ve not yety pre-ordered (I can’t but I’m waiting) but if it doesn’t have swappable battery and SD cards, I’ll look elsewhere.

  4. guest says:

    Every phone I’ve had gets wrecked by dust due to my job.(apart from the last one it got urine damaged after a particularly heavy saturday night), so water proof and dust proof is a deal breaker for me. If its not ill wait on the Fujitsu 

  5. ggjf says:

    3D on mobile phones?? Thats really plain ridiculous and useless!! The only 3D we need is our eyes!! crazy world! HD makes perfect sense but 3D no

  6. ami says:

    @ Smilingeddie yea we need microsd hotswap slot !! I have the SII and the microsd is hidden blocked by the battery. so we need turn phone off to take microsd out it simply stupid!!
    I hope Samsung fixed that with the SIII otherwise no go for me!

  7. Mainz says:

    (Forget 3D) Perfect Galaxy S3 Should Have A Solid Design (not plastic), Nfc, Quad or A15 Dual Core, Super Amoled Plus HD, Micro SD, At Least A Days Battery Life and A 1GB Ram Minimum (more ram doesn’t always mean better performance, it’s a phone not a laptop). All This And It Will Be Bye Bye i4S :D. Side Note, I’d take a well built device over a removable battery option any day.

  8. Grafixbiz says:

    Not having 3D on the SIII will not stop me from purchasing this phone when it finally arrives.  It has so many other outstanding features in the works that the pros will far outweigh the cons.

  9. John says:

    Whatever, blackberry has the best design and beats all competitors hands down, it has most gigs, most rams, and better chargers and mine still five years old and does a better job thananyone elses phone hands down.

  10. Sephiroth261 says:

    The S3 ticks all the right boxes for me, however I seem to be one of the few that was looking forward to 3D, if it had 3D it would have been the perfect phone for me and I wouldn’t have given the Iphone 5 a second thought.  It’s got all the specs I wanted except for one, i’ll wait till the iphone 5 specs are confirmed but I think i’ll still be buying the S3.

  11. Clive Richards says:

    for me battery life and swappable batteries are more important than design and appearance. When I find myself thinking “should I listen to a book on a long journey in case there isnt enough left for a call home” then there is something wrong. If it wasnt for the case I have I woud have bought one of those extended backs to put a larger battery in a long time ago. So for me a bigger screen and bigger battery are the key needs

  12. Vivek_161985 says:

    Yesterday i was about to pay money for Galaxy S2 but at the last moment my friend told me that S3 will be launched soon. Now, i am confused whether to go for S3 or S2. One thing i have decided that if difference b/w price of these 2 models is greater than 6K, then i will go for S2 only. Kindly suggest what is the probable price of S3?

  13. Thedizzydiver says:

     I’m not really interested in 3D. If it has it anyway then OK but if not it won’t stop be buying the phone. However, what is of PRIME IMPORTANCE for me is dual sim capability. At the moment those wanting a samsung smartphone with dual sim are relegated to the Y Duos. I hope the S3 will change that.

  14. Goldie says:

    I Love technology, but not just for the sake of it so 3d is not ready for retail yet not even on tvs glad it wont be used. micro sd however has been the greatest addition to phones and I will be majorly disappointed if they remove it like HTC one did, deal-breaker. Also battery life should be more than a day I’m talking 3300mAH+ not half that of current phones, just make it a little fatter(mugen power batteries have the right idea). I think screen size for a mobile phone is already maxed out the HTC ONE X feels a little bit of a stretch to hold so any wider is total no go, increased DPI is a very good thing though so concentrate on that. lastly it should feel ergonomic, it should feel nice in the hand when making a call so a curved back (also helps with fitting in better battery) the nokia 800 feels the nicest of current phones. 

    1. Jpcass says:

      I agree with everything you just said 🙂 However I don’t completely agree with screen size, but I do think they should max out with the S3/Nexus, I saw the Nexus a couple weeks ago and that thing is huge. Any bigger and you might as well start making phone-tablets like the note. Higher resolution screens, large storage, awesome battery life and a good look and feel to the phone are the basics that a lot of manufacturers are forgetting, but can make a fan so, so impossibly good.

  15. Able Lawrence says:

    3D display will be a wastage of effort. However, 3D support (through DLNA) for other connected devices such as televisions or screen docks or even wearable headgear in the future is not a bad idea.

  16. Ianc34 says:

    Quad Core 4.8inch 2gig ram and full hd will make me a happy bunny, however the most important for me is dual sim and a stickier case. When holding the galaxy s and s2 without a case they are difficult to hold due to being really smooth. A shell made of Galaxy ace material would be cracking. 

  17. pds1989 says:

    3d support dont really bother me, 2gb of ram jesus!!, I know computers that have less ram. Im going to buy one. 3D aint ready for mobiles yet, it will just give you a headache like the Nintendo 3ds did.

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