How much better the Galaxy S3 could be than the S2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) is one of the hit smartphones of the year even before its release. Sales are already assured following the huge popularity of previous Galaxy S handsets and especially the phenomenal sales of its predecessor the Galaxy S2. Today we want to take a look at how much better we think the Galaxy S3 could be to the S2.

Obviously the Galaxy S3 has not yet been announced and so all the specs and features that we will talk about are not yet confirmed. Nevertheless they have been widely reported from leaks and rumors and we would be pretty surprised if the S3 didn’t live up to at least most of these expectations. We’ve gleaned our information from our many Galaxy S3 posts so far although have left out what we think is least likely.

Recently we told how the release of the Galaxy S3 seems to suggest unbelievable sales figures for Samsung following reports of the most recent smash Samsung figures, even before the S3 launch. We know that the Galaxy S3 will be a success and 10 million orders have already been placed, but just how successful it is may depend not only what it has to offer against other smartphones such as the iPhone 5, but also how much of an upgrade it is to the Galaxy S2.

The processor is one of the most important specs for many people purchasing a new smartphone and the Galaxy S2 launched with the 1.2GHz Exynos dual-core processor, no slouch at the time. However with the first influx of quad-core processor smartphones we think it’s pretty likely that the Galaxy S3 will have an Exynos quad-core processor, either 1.5GHz or 1.8GHz as has been widely conjectured. Just the fact that it could be one of the first handsets sporting a quad-core processor could be enough for some to make the jump to update from their Galaxy S2.

Display-wise the Galaxy S2 features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with a resolution of 480×800 but the Galaxy S3 really steps up, both in display size and also clarity, as it’s expected to feature a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display with a likely resolution of 1280×720, a huge leap forward. As far as design goes the Galaxy S2 received some criticism for its somewhat plasticky feel although many users had no quibbles whatsoever and loved its slimness. However the Galaxy S3 is rumored to be even thinner and we have also heard talk of a ceramic backing to give the Galaxy S3 a classier feel, although of course it would also be more likely to suffer damage.

Moving on to storage the Galaxy S2 has 16GB internal memory, expandable with micro SD card to 32GB and also 1GB of RAM. We’ve heard that 32GB of internal storage is likely for the Galaxy S3 with an increase to 2GB of RAM, again a big increase. The cameras on the Galaxy S2 were highly praised with an 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing shooter. A rear camera of 10 or even 12-megapixels is anticipated for the Galaxy S3 along with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.

Many potential Galaxy S3 owners are happy that it is likely to feature the very latest Android operating system, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which was received with very positive feedback when it arrived at the end of last year, featuring on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy S2 was launched on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Meanwhile there’s a real possibility that the Galaxy S3 will also have 4G LTE connectivity for the flourishing networks that are rapidly spreading.

From what we’ve looked at here it goes without saying that the Galaxy S3 will outshine the Galaxy S2. That much is pretty obvious as since when did a phone come out that was not a step up from its predecessor. Nevertheless we’d say that from what we expect of the Galaxy S3 it will be a pretty major update from the Galaxy S2 and many current S2 owners may well face an upgrade dilemma.

What we’d like to hear from readers is, if you have the Galaxy S2 will you upgrade to the S3 if most of what is expected is fulfilled? Have you already made up your mind to purchase the Galaxy S3 or maybe there’s one killer feature that it would have to include to make it your next smartphone?


33 thoughts on “How much better the Galaxy S3 could be than the S2”

  1. Ljones15 says:

    Tbh…if i upgraded my contract yes definetely i would think apple has had its time…my s2 is wicked but the s3 is going to be something else forget htc one…the s3 will be no.1 phone apple are in danger htc is coming up fast but look out usain bolt and your virgin adverts because the S3 is going to steal the show!!

    1. Ben says:

      And watch out for Motorola.. if the rumors are true for the “Droid fighter’s” super amoled 1280×720 4.6 in display with a 13 mp camera, 4.0 ICS, 3300 mah battery, and possibly quadcore? Very solid flagship..

          1. JEWISH MAN says:

            Haha, i really wouldnt be surprised. Apple is starting to figure out that android is becoming the more dominant OS, so apple just tries to sue other competing android companies over patent lawsuits instead of making cutting edge phones.

          2. Smart guy ^ says:

            Apple sues because jobs hates people stealing ideas. If its copy righted, you can’t use it. Simple as that. Couldn’t see someone suing another when they know they’ll lose.

          3. John says:

             Bit of a misnomer there ‘smart guy’.  Apple are superb marketeers, and make a great UI – BUT they haven’t innovated much.  They take other people’s ideas, and make them work better, then market the hell out of it.

            Neither Android nor Apple created smart phones, although you could make a good argument that Apple created the global market for them.

            Apple sues because they have run out of new ideas, and Jobs got bitter and weird towards the end.

          4. TheBlackCat says:

            Wait,  Jobs hates people stealing ideas? You mean the same guy who bragged about how great he is at stealing other peoples’ ideas and work?  He only hated it when people stole his ideas.

        1. no one says:

          android smartphones are for people who know tech better, people using iphone because the phone is hussleless, people get on it real quick, and they dont have to worry about anything else and I do agree that user-friendly is one important thing for developer to keep in mind, however it doesnt mean andriod smartphones are anyway behind the iphone~ just because you dont enjoy one, doesnt mean it makes one worst

  2. Jasonobrien27 says:

    I’m on standby for the S3 coming away from the iPhone 4. Not liking the fact that apple make you pay for the handset on most of the tariffs whereas androids are happy to drop down to a reasonable price or no price at all. Phone can’t come soon enough.

    1. I agree, but I am not a fan of Samsung as I have more than my share of issues with Samsung smartphones, especially the SG I, and the poor or lack of software support especially OS fragmentation. The reason most people have Androids is because the carriers are giving them away. yet, people are paying a lot of money for an iPhone. And one can deny it all they want, the iPhone being as popular as it is has little to do with it being trendy.

      Any how, I’d like to get an iPhone 5, but a larger screen is not within Apple’s near future vision. Perhaps in two years when the iPhone 7 will be launched it’ll have at least a 4.5 inch screen.

      1. Ben says:

        Awww.. It’s a little Apple bot.. the reason Android phones are “given away” isn’t because they aren’t successful phones.. Android just realizes that not everyone is the same, not everyone can afford a $800.00 phone.. they allow the phone to accent you, not the other way around.. so continue on it iSheep and just wait til the iPhone is released sporting a dualcore processor while all android flagships are sporting 1.8 quads..

        1. Rrright. And soon Android phones will be made out of clay and brick beause they know people can’t afford to pay $159 for a new iPhone model. And I am sure you will buy it, as long it is an Andorid.  Baaaaa, what a sheep YOU are. lol  #hacker

          1. I just ATE apple! says:

            You sir are a dumb ass! As everyone knows as time goes by tech gets cheaper and cheaper. Clay will cost more than tech one day. You are half right on one thing though, software is half the battle, but how the he’ll can u say IOS is better than android? IOS is so boring and static, just a screen full of icons and u scroll right. That was revolutionary about 4 yes ago. They need to do a serious overhaul of the IOS cause it’s way past old now. I’m sure your thinking “android is too buggy” well it depends. If u pay for a cheapo phone, u get what u pay for, it’s mostly the hardware, Not the software. If u pay the same amount of money that u would for an iPhone, u will get a far superior phone, which let’s u do all the things u want with no restrictions. He’ll even your beloved iPhone has it’s faults, but people seem to sweep that under the rug. When this AG’s comes out I suggest u get it, once u get used to the difference in os u will find it to be faaaaar better!

          2. Mainz2kc says:

            To me you are an ”iSheep” as they say, I own a 4s any while its great phone, it gets boring like the ”I just ATE apple!” guy said and is hardly any different from when I had my iPhone 3g. After my 3g I got the sgs1 and while it may not have been as smooth as the iPhone, it was definitely more enjoyable and pleasing in a way I could customise my phone (put themes and it would look completely different) plus the processing power that could be unlocked with roms (nt sh*tty jailbreaks), so if the iPhone 5 doesn’t have an major overhaul on the software side I will not be buying it as increasing the specs will hardly make a difference on the interface it currently has (best you will get is a slightly faster browser and better gaming performance). I will most likely be getting the galaxy s3 based on the leaks and don’t forget new android phones are coming out at the same price as the iphone (e.g htc one x), so can’t say all andoid owners are too cheap. it’s just with android you get better deals and is better discounted when going with carriers. 

      2. Peter says:

        It’s unlikely that in two years iPhone 7 will be out… Probably 5s then 6 lol. I’m still torn between iPhone 5 and the S3, I haven’t really use android phones before exept mucking with friends one but I’m familiar with ios because my last smartphone was 3GS and currently using iPad 2.

        taking a leap into another os is kinda iffy but until any official announcement I’m not really sure.
        Just looking for something to take photos and listening to music with. Currently liking the rumors about s3 so far hopefully apple does some major upgrade with iPhone 5 cause I’m not impress with 4s but I do love iOS.

      3. TheBlackCat says:

        So…you aren’t a fan of samsung smartphones, but you are a fan of smartphones using a samsung screen and a samsung processor?  The iPhone is practically as much a samsung phone as the Galaxy S3.

      1. Sh4dymofo says:

        thats funny considering apple have stated that samsung is ” A CRITICAL PARTNER” do your research, samsung processors and displays are in most smart phones today

  3. ” That much is pretty obvious as since when did a phone come out that was not a step up from its predecessor.”
    pretty obvious as since when?
    journalistic wordsmithing at its finest.

  4. Marcus Freudemann says:

    Yes, I’m waiting for it. Currently an HTC Desire HD owner but hate you can’t turn off the HTC Sense stuff. Will be purchasing it as soon as its available.

  5. Graham says:

    Loved my Galaxy S and absolutely love my Galaxy S2. For me, the must have features I hope the Galaxy S3 has are:

    1) HD Super AMOLED Plus display, at least 4.6″ (4.8″ better).

    2) At least a 2,000mAh removable battery. If they don’t keep the removable battery feature, that is a deal breaker for me. I hate phones where you can’t swap out the battery, as I usually carry spares for those heavy usage days when I’m out and away from a charger.

    3) 2GB RAM.

    4) Quad core 1.5GHz to 1.8GHz processor.

    5) MicroSDXC support (so I can use my 64GB Sandisk MicroSDXC card). If they don’t keep the MicroSD card slot, that is a deal breaker for me.

    6) 32GB internal memory, but would still settle for 16GB as long as the MicroSD card slot remains.

    7) Existing front and rear cameras on the S2 are fine, so I don’t mind if they are carried over onto the S3.

    8) Sliding cover for the micr-USB port, like the Galaxy S had.

  6. Splashdown says:

    I think the one item that might tip me into new teck from my Galaxi S2-LTE would be a camera button.Above al else this phone meets my every need and more for now…

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